YouTuber Deb Smikle’s Five Fast Facts, Including Her Pregnancy 

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

YouTuber Deb Smikle [Photo: Instagram/debsmikle]

Deb Smikle is a famous social media influencer known for her tutorials and lifestyle videos. She makes several ranking and reaction videos.

She has gathered a considerable fan following on her social media handles. Her videos have also gained millions of views.

Had a Great 2023’s Birthday Weekend

The social media star was born on March 31, 2002 in Canada. She turned twenty-one years old this year and celebrated her special day with her loved ones.

She also posted a lovely cake and other images from her birthday weekend. Eventually, she added a quotation stating that every day is the same but worse.

Netizens showered her with birthday wishes in the comment sections. In addition, they mentioned that she is their favorite YouTuber.

Deb Smikle celebrates her birthday in March [Source: Instagram]

She hasn’t posted a video of her birthday vlog this time, but in 2022, she did post a video of herself having a great day with her friends.

Some websites have stated that April 1st is her birthday; nevertheless, Famous Birthdays noted she was born on March 31st.

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Net Worth From Social Media and Merch

Smikle has accumulated a considerable amount of net worth as a YouTuber. She has gathered millions of subscribers.

She started her YouTube channel in 2014 and has continuously posted her videos. Since then, Smikle has gained over ninety million views.

From her videos, her estimated monthly earnings are between $931 and $14.9K, as per Social Blade. Moreover, her expected yearly earnings are from $11.2K to $178.8K.

Apart from that, the social media influencer has also launched her online store under her name, which helps her to add extra money to her pocket. She sells women’s clothing, mugs, and other merchandise starting price at $11.90.

She hasn’t revealed her exact figure or net worth yet, but she leads a comfortable lifestyle.

Her Father Named Her

The social media influencer’s real name is Deborah Smikle. Smikle revealed in a TikTok video that her father was the one who named her.

Her dad declared that Deborah would be her name as soon as her mom became pregnant, despite her mother’s preference for Soni or Sonia.

She wrote, “idk my name is giving grandma from the 50s….. why did he think that was a serve?” Smikle liked the name that her mother put.

Deb Smikle liked the name put by her mother [Source: Smikle’s Instagram]

She stated that Sonia Smikle would have made her salivate like Pavlov’s little dog just by way of the alliteration.

Netizens, however, also thought the name Sonia was cute. Some users said they understood it to be Sonic and that Sonia was beautiful. She then responded, stating that Sonic would still be superior to Deborah.

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Is Not the Only Child in Her Family

She is not her parents’ only kid and occasionally shares pictures of her brothers and sisters on social media. She hasn’t, however, disclosed the number of siblings she has.

In 2021, she shared a video of her brother on TikTok, looking around the room. Then, she stated that he did that at least six times that day.

Subsequently, a netizen joked about searching for something to steal while she wasn’t home. She replied, “NO FRR, he’s making his shopping list.”

However, netizens loved the content and asked her to create more videos with her brother in it. She also sometimes makes videos with her other siblings.

Controversy Surrounding Her Pregnancy and Boyfriend

Deb Smikle recently shared her picture with her boyfriend on her Instagram story, revealing she was sixteen weeks pregnant. However, what was supposed to be a blissful moment of sharing the parental journey took a different turn for the couple and Smikle herself.

Deb Smikle is in 16 weeks of her pregnancy [Source: Smikle’s Instagram]

After she posted the picture, a girl named Duchess Starr replied to her story, saying that this was the man she had been talking to for a while. So, the social media posted the story of her message mentioning her and wrote, “@duchess.sea oh is that why he got you pregnant? didn’t think so sis.”

She then continued, “i showed him a pic of you and he don’t even know ur name! try again boo.” Following her story, the girl also mentioned the social media star back and wrote that men were so quick to manipulate, and she hoped Smikle knew she was with a cheater.

That’s when Smikle revealed that the girl had wanted her man for two years, and she was mad that he was with Smikle instead.

Duchess then posted a picture with Smikle’s partner and wrote that her man was smiling in her face on their private yacht. The girls shared stories back and forth, saying things to one another.

Furthermore, then Duchess shared a story of a picture with a man covering his face and wrote, “@debsmikle Your man but smiling in my face on our private yacht? Okay babes!”

After the story, Smikle asked the Duchess to message her privately. And that’s when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. So, she decided to take a break from her social media until next year to heal her broken heart and focus on her pregnancy.

She stated that she was feeling so many emotions right now, and it was best she got offline. In addition, she requested citizens not to send hate to Duchess Starr.

Deb Smikle’s boyfriend cheated on her with another girl named Duchess Starr [Source: Instagram]

On the other hand, Duchess continued sharing stories with sarcastic comments. Then, she posted a video of Smikle’s partner proposing to her. Starr acknowledged that not every engagement worked out, but they were working on it.

Moreover, she sarcastically added that Smikle was happy he got her pregnant but didn’t get a ring. As a result, the YouTuber got angry and asked how she could do that to a pregnant woman. She also revealed that she used to call her sister.

In response, Duchess wrote, “you did this to yourself, you WERE my sister until you opened your legs for my man. Being a single mother isn’t easy. So I’m whole heartedly you’ll fail at it.”

She also shared a screenshot of a message where he asked the guy to tell the social media star that he was not her guy.

Likewise, Smikle concluded by saying that he had a poor pullout strategy and that she would see him in the delivery room in nine months.

Duchess professed that Smikle would be alone in the delivery room as she and the guy would be on their honeymoon. This incident has left the social media star shattered, and she has decided to remain low-key for now.