Demi Bagby Seems Head Over Heels For Her Current Boyfriend

Last Updated : December 2, 2023

Demi Bagby with her boyfriend, Micah Kessler

Demi Bagby has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Micah Kessler, for several years. She has found a perfect man as her partner, with whom she enjoys spending time.

Bagby never shies away from showing off her love and feelings for her. Likewise, she expressed her feelings for him in a sweet Instagram post on his birthday a month ago.

Bagby Feels Free and Unconditionally Loved By Her Current Boyfriend

The bodybuilder is smitten with her partner. She travels to different beautiful places with him and spends precious time together.

Just a month ago, she posted a video of herself and Kessler having fun and wished him a happy birthday on Instagram. Furthermore, she mentioned that her partner has made her life more incredible than she ever imagined.

Before he came into her life, she was lonely and broken. Now, she is living her best life with the man she loves.

Demi Bagby wished a Happy Birthday to her partner Micah Kessler in September [Source: Instagram]

She stated that she was now free, unconditionally loved, always smiling, and completely honest with herself. Her admirers are pleased for her since she is happy. They thought she deserved someone as wonderful as she was.

While some thought he was with the perfect man, others thought she should be with a more wholesome man.

Nonetheless, most of her fans agreed that the gorgeous couple looked too cute together. They fit together so well. He’s everything she has ever wanted.

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Kessle Is a Social Media Star as Well

Bagby’s boyfriend, Micah Kessler, was born in Wheeling, Illinois, on September 2, 1979. He is a social media star mostly known for posting racing car content. He posts race updates as well as styled images of various automobiles.

Kessler currently works at Radford Racing School, where he joined on August 19, 2021. In addition, he also works at The Napa Network.

In terms of his education, he completed his high school from Wheeling High School. Then, he attended Harper College.

Micah Kessler is a social media star who has gathered a considerable fan following [Source: Kessler’s Instagram]

The social media influencer currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been dating his beautiful girlfriend, Demi Bagby.

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Bagby’s Relationships in the Past

The bodybuilder has dated a couple of famous personalities in the past. She had been in a relationship with Donald De La Haye Jr.

He is both an athlete and a fitness YouTuber. He is well-known under the stage name, Deestroying. Moreover, Donald also has a YouTube channel, where he has garnered millions of subscribers.

He used to play football at the University of Central Florida before launching his YouTube career. The couple had been together for nearly a year. The duo also constantly make appearances on each other’s channels. 

The last video they had done together was in June 2021, where he tested Demi’s football skills and had fun. After that, they were never seen together. However, Donald commented in his video that she was just a friend.

Demi Bagby has dated a couple of famous personalities in the past [Source: Bagby’s Instagram]

Before that, Demi was dating a fitness instructor, Scott Mathison, a fellow fitness celebrity and gym coach. They were already well-known on the internet due to their fitness videos.

However, one of their Valentine’s Day videos went viral on the internet negatively, causing them to face outrage. Scott made his girlfriend Demi happy in the video “How to Get a Gym Girl on Valentine’s Day” by gifting her workout supplements instead of chocolates.

It was viewed by over 3 million people when it was re-posted by Barstool Sports with the message: “We have found the worst couple of all time.” After that, viewers quickly rushed to the comments area to share their perspectives.

Nonetheless, she is currently in a relationship with a man who admires and loves her. They both appreciate each other’s presence in their lives.