Dylan Marlowe’s Wife Is Thankful For Her People And Much More

Last Updated : December 1, 2023

Dylan Marlowe

Dylan Marlowe is blissfully married to his wife. His spouse is a humble and grateful lady who loves the people and life surrounding her.

She never shies away from showing her gratitude to the people who’ve been there for her. Not just people, but she also credits God for helping her reach where she is now.

Marlowe’s Wife Isn’t Just Thankful for Him

Marlowe’s better half, Natalie Marlowe (Barber), isn’t just thankful for him. She was grateful for her people, pups, chickens, and so much more during Thanksgiving. Natalie also wished a Happy Thanksgiving to all of them.

God’s goodness and blessing blew her away as she contemplated and looked back this year. She even hinted to the people that something best was yet to come. The lovely lady posted a series of heartwarming pictures along with their pet dogs.

The god’s goodness and blessings blow away Marlowe’s wife. [Photo: Natalie’s Instagram]

The images were captured beautifully during golden hour and looked like their affection had overflowed to their audiences. A user in the comment section commented, “These are such pretty pics!! Happy Thanksgiving to our little fam!!”

Others warmly wished them, and many said the pictures were pretty. The lovely couple looked in bliss, leaned towards one another, and looked deep into each other’s eyes.

Overall, the newlyweds enjoy their romantic life and are grateful for nature’s creation.

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The Singer Dedicated a Song to Her on Their Wedding

When you are with your beloved, creativity flows like a river. Marlowe exchanged wedding vows with his longtime girlfriend, Natalie Barbar. The singer was excited about the song as he released it on their wedding day.

He named the song, You Were Right. He expressed the changes he experienced after she came into his life. The YouTuber also included a humorous line in his music: he was selling his Jon boat to buy her an engagement ring.

Later on the press release, he playfully thanked Jon Pardi, an American country singer and songwriter who had helped him to avoid selling the boat in real life. Further, his wife had no idea he would release that song, which she had thought he would never put out for the public.

In the song, he describes the improvements he had been experiencing since she came into his life. Marlowe released the song and shared its cover art on a social media post. Furthermore, it is Natalie’s favorite song among the other collections.

The lovely duo were engaged in November. Natalie was happy and was showing her ring. The artist said he was the luckiest guy in the world and ended by saying, “Let’s get hitched.”

Marlowe and Natalie walked down the wedding aisle on May 19, 2023, and became life partners. She has prayed that in 50 years, they still love big, forgive fast, and cherish the little things.

Nevertheless, Mr. and Mrs. Marlowe enjoyed their wedding and are now living their life supporting one another in their professional and personal life.

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Natalie Is a Realtor

Natalie is a Realtor and has worked full-time for Parks. She is a Nashville-based Realtor and has helped people build lives they love in beautiful homes. The lovely lady has shared some of Nashville’s favorite properties and houses.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Georgia Southern University in 2017. She entered the professional world as Marketing Manager for the Property Exchange for four months.

Natalie is an experienced realtor based in Nashville. [Photo: Instagram]

After that, she served for Great GA Realty as a Marketing Manager for over a year. Her career leaped, and she became a Realtor for Weichert, realtors – The Andrew Group for nine months.

Now, she has been Parks’ Realtor for more than a year. Besides her professional life, she is close to her mom and often wishes her warmly on her birthdays and during Mother’s Day. Her mother is a go-to girl for everything, and she couldn’t live without her.

Furthermore, she is proud of her little brother, a marine soldier, and couldn’t have asked for a better sibling. However, she has yet to reveal about her father. Moreover, she celebrates her birthday in December.

All in all, she is doing great in her career and has a supportive family and a husband.