Rumors Surrounding Garrett Clark’s Dating Life & Girlfriend

Last Updated : November 27, 2023

Garrett Clark

Garrett Clark is an American golf content creator who constantly uploads videos on the sports on his YouTube channel. He has amassed a massive fan following from all around the world, not only due to his content but also because of his dating life.

Recently, he has made headlines for his romantic involvement with social media personality Corinna Kopf.

Was Captured Kissing Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf has constantly appeared in Clark’s YouTube videos in recent months. The duo are seen together playing golf in multiple videos.

Therefore, social media has been buzzing with news regarding Clark’s connection with Kopf in recent months. The two have been spotted together several times, with one fan even recording a kiss between them.

The video was shared on multiple social media platforms. Following that, one user took the topic on Reddit, asking if he was her new boyfriend.

Clark’s presence in Kopf’s life has created excitement and fascination among their admirers. Many people were sure of their dating, while some were shocked.

Netizens loved to see her with him rather than constantly associated with streamers, rappers, and other celebrities.

Garrett Clark is rumored to be in a relationship with Corinna Kopf [Source: YouTube/

She also came into the limelight for her prior partnerships with well-known figures. She had previously connected to social media celebrities Turner Tenney, Toddy Smith, and Logan Paul. Additionally, there were rumors that she was dating Adin Ross.

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Garrett Clark’s Dating Life, Still Shrouded in Mystery

The romantic life of the social media influencer is a mystery for everyone. He has never spoken publicly about it. Despite the fact that numerous rumors have circulated on the internet, he has remained silent. And his rumors with Corinna Kopf have been brewing for some time.

According to one YouTuber who regularly posts golf-related videos, Clark and Kopf finally made a video together where she caddied for him.

He played a match against Steve in which he had to basically listen to what his caddy (Corinna Kopf) was teaching him without really contributing anything.

Garrett Clark has always been silent about his love life [Source: Clark’s Instagram]

The YouTuber stated he had to exercise a lot of self-control and do everything she suggested was good for marriage practice.

He played well, and Karina did an excellent job caddying. The game finished in a tie. Clark has also reportedly stated that he planned to tie the knot in July in a few weeks. However, this does not appear to be true because he has not yet exchanged vows.

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Was Claire Hogle His Girlfriend, or Was It Just a Hoax?

Clark collaborated with Claire Hogle in October 2021. Then, there was a rumor surrounding the two were dating.

The source of the relationship rumors is their past YouTube cooperation videos. Since 2021, the two have been filming videos together, with one of their videos exceeding 1 million views.

Many people believe the two are dating because of their banter and chemistry in the videos. Garrett and Claire, however, have not confirmed their relationship status.

Garrett Clark was also rumored to be dating Claire Hogle [Source: Youtube/Claire Hogle]

The duo has risen to prominence on YouTube thanks to their golf videos. Claire began making YouTube videos after high school, while Garrett started at nine. Moreover, he has suggested that she do a YouTube video.

Garrett Clark has kept his relationship private till now. Hopefully, he will reveal his girlfriend soon in the future.