Ginger Chan’s Husband and His New Venture After Leaving Ktla

Last Updated : December 18, 2023

KTLA Ginger Chan with her husband, Mark Kono [Photo: Instagram/ktlagingerchan5]

Ginger Chan is married to her husband, Mark Kono. The charming couple also worked together at KTLA TV morning news for several years.

They always kept things professional while working. Chan used to be in the studio watching the conditions from the ground while Mark was looking from above via Sky 5.

Sadly, he said goodbye to the news channel.

Chan’s Husband Now Work as a Charter Pilot

The reporter’s beau, Mark, now works as a charter pilot at the Maverick Helicopters. He joined the company in January 2023.

Furthermore, he also works at IEX Helicopters, which he instantly joined after announcing his departure from the KTLA TV Morning News in June 2022.

He was the Traffic and Breaking News Reporter at KTLA and an On-Air Reporter for Angel City Air for 13 years.

He is a professional helicopter pilot with over two decades of experience. As a result, he has flown to various parts of the country for many reputed media outlets.

Mark, too, has been honored with Emmy Awards for his significant work on the KTLA Morning News.

Ginger Chan’s partner, Mark Kono, now works as a Charter Pilot at Maverick Helicopters and IEX Helicopters. [Source: Chan’s Instagram]

However, he left the channel, explaining that it was just time for a little bit of a change. Then, he took off for the next chapter.

The reporter and her partner were the perfect dream team when it came to monitoring the roads. Mark balanced an active lifestyle with his wife, Ginger Chan.

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Chan Has been Married to Her Spouse for Nearly 15 Years Now

The reporter and her husband marked their 14th anniversary this year. The love birds tied the knot in July 2009.

They are very supportive of one another. She constantly shares her picture with her spouse and praises him.

Back in 2018, when they worked for the same media, Mark Kono and Ginger Chan celebrated their wedding anniversary by exchanging “I-love-yous” on Live Television.

But on their tenth anniversary, the reporter wanted to do something extra special for her better-half. Therefore, she decided to take him to the Festival Pageant.

Ginger Chan and Mark Kono went to the Festival Pageant on their tenth wedding anniversary [Source: Twitter]

“Festival Pageant was a great idea, was soo special & what a show,” she professed.

The charming pair spend quality time and attend various events together.

She stated that she was blessed with the most supportive, patient & loving person in her life. In addition, the duo has also welcomed three children: a son and a set of twin girls.

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As per Chan, Mark Makes Her a Better Mom

Chan is a blessed mother of three.

The traffic anchor gave birth to a set of twin girls named Devyn Rose Kono and Alyssa Doris Kono and a boy named Ryder. The pair welcomed their first child, Ryder, in December 2010. She professed that her son’s first word was “helicopter.”

Later, after four years, they added another two members to their family, welcoming twin girls on May 9, 2014.

Chan and Mark frequently spend time with their children. They have gone on several vacations with them over the years.

Ginger Chan and her husband have welcomed three children. [Source: Chan’s Instagram]

For instance, in 2020, they went on a trip to SkyPark at Santa’s Village. She taught her girls to ice skate. At first, her daughters were scared, but they were ready to ditch her pretty fast after learning. She said it was a magical place, and it had been fun experiencing it for the second time.

She frequently posts vacation images and praises her husband, calling him the best father ever.

They also watch football games in addition to other things. They attended the August 2022 Dodgers games, and it appears that they support the team.

All in all, Chan feels lucky to have her significant other, Mark, by her side.