Hailey Kilgore’s Dating Life: Her Parents Met as Theater Students

Last Updated : December 4, 2023


Hailey Kilgore was adopted at birth by her parents. Her caring father and mother met and began dating as theater students.

Her dad and mom have a lovely relationship, but has she met someone special to her yet?

Kilgore’s Parents Met at Western Oregon University and Began Dating

Kilgore’s parents, Eric Kilgore and Becky Kilgore are both art enthusiasts and have loved to perform in theaters. Their passion for theatrical arts guided them to meet each other as theater students at Western Oregon.

Eventually, they exchanged wedding vows and then adopted their beautiful daughter. Afterward, they moved to the Portland suburb of Happy Valley. Further, the lovely couple has also supported each other professionally.

Well, her dad has assisted in running a theater company, Bridge City Production, Portland. Her mother has been a teacher at a middle school theater.

The lovely couple weren’t stereotypical parents who would push their child into the limelight. They let have let her explore her life choices.

Further, they don’t force or guide their daughter; instead, they let her guide them through her interests, passions, and hobbies.

Kilgore’s parents began dating during their college days. [Photo: Kilgore’s Instagram]

Becky is a great mother, has encouraged her daughter to grow, and has kept an open mind when someone has recommended beneficial advice for their kid.

Kilgore was encouraged by Carrie Jo Vincent, a program director, to apply for the August Wilson Monologue Competition.

Then Vincent told her mom to send her away to the competition. After she sent her talented daughter, they immediately took her in, and she did well enough in the Portland competition.

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Attended Events With Her Partners?

Kilgore is seen mainly with two guys while attending events. She seemed to be close with Toby Sandeman, an English actor. They have taken many pictures together, but are they romantic partners?

Well, the actress and the actor have starred together in an American crime drama TV series, Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

They are cast members and have supported each other’s roles in the series. Besides that, they haven’t officially stated anything about their relationship.

Similarly, she has been seen attending events with Rodney Hicks, an American playwright and stage actor. They posed in front of the camera and enjoyed each other’s company.

The playwright had written a play, Just Press Save and Kilgore was one of the cast members in that play. Further, they have also worked together as a team, and he is very thankful for the members who starred in his play.

Moreover, she even uploaded a picture of herself with him on her social media. But neither has officially specified their relationship and could just be attending events as team members.

Furthermore, she was also hugged closely by Jelani Alladin, an American actor and singer, on her birthday. Both have performed in the Notebook Musical, a play based on a novel written by Ingrid Michaelson, but they haven’t spoken about their bond.

Kilgore received a warm hug from a play member. [Photo: Instagram]

Similarly, she uploaded a picture with another caste member, MeKai, of the series Power Book III. Overall, the actress has kept her romantic life relatively secret and is yet to share about her partner.

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On-screen Romance

Kilgore has played with other caste members in the Tubi noir film Cinnamon. There, she has starred as a genuinely gifted singer whose life spirals when a robbery happens at her workplace.

Another actor, David Lonco, plays her on-screen fiercely devoted boyfriend as music manager. The film was streamed on Fox’s free service, Tubi. Further, she has written many love songs like Miss U, Some Love Song, Hold Me, and many more on her YouTube channel.

Besides that, she is yet to reveal about her romantic life. Nevertheless, she is an aspiring actor and will be performing in more shows in the near future.