Ian Roussel & His Wife Jamie’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary Is Near

Last Updated : October 11, 2023

Full Custom Garage star Ian Roussel with his wife Jamie Roussel [Photo: Instagram/mrs_roussel_]

Ian Roussel and his wife, Jamie Roussel, are marking their third marriage anniversary in November. Over the years, the charming couple has been enjoying their time.

Jamie is always grateful to her husband for his kind, loving, and caring nature. So, she frequently shares her picture with him and appreciates him.

Roussel and His Wife Got Married in 2019

The TV personality and his beautiful partner, Jamie, have been enjoying their blissful marital life. The pair tied the knot on November 1, 2019. Their wedding possibly took place in California’s Mojave Desert.

Ian Roussel and his wife, Jamie Roussel, shared their wedding vows in November 2019 [Source: Jamie’s Insagram]

Each year, the couple celebrate their anniversary and share those moments on their respective social media accounts.

In August 2021, in her anniversary week post, she said that they were looking forward to renewing their marriage vows on Playa. She added, “But we’ve adapted to our new surroundings and feel so incredibly welcome, we were able to recreate the feeling of our first post-playa date in Reno.”

In addition, Roussel and Jamie also never forget to wish each other a happy birthday. The two also frequently share funny pictures applying the filter on the face. He once mentioned her as his love and best friend.

Moreover, they are both huge admirers of custom vehicles. Their shared interests could be the source of their strong bond.

The duo also shares two children: a son named Jayce and a daughter named Ava.

Well, the family of four has a great bond with one another.

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Jamie Always Appreciates Her Husband

Jamie and her husband have been together for many years. The two are traveling together and living their best lives in the desert. Moreover, as aforesaid, she always appreciates her beau for his kind and loving behavior.

She shared a photo of them in March 2023, along with a lengthy caption that was all about him.

Jamie wrote that she had never anticipated meeting a man who was as solid, loving, giving, emotionally intelligent, and caring as him.

Jamie Roussel appreciates her husband for his kind and loving nature. [Source: Jamie’s Instagram]

“I had all but given up on finding love in my 43 years on this earth until he literally materialized,” she penned. Then, to top it off, Jamie stated that he’s immensely talented and hilarious.

Furthermore, she also informed the netizens, saying they started a YouTube channel. She said, “It’s not just a car show; it’s us hanging, me watching him work.”

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Jamie Is a Veteran and Holistic Coach

Jamie Roussel is a certified holistic nutritional health coach, veteran, and practicing RN. She has 16 years of healing experience.

Initially, she loved being a nurse, which she still does, but it wasn’t something she enjoyed. She worked in the healthcare setting in Ers for many years. Then she realized that the path to true health didn’t lie in their healthcare system model, but health came from within.

While working in healthcare, she enrolled in a holistic nutrition program at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY. When she enrolled, Jamie was at a point in her life where she no longer accepted what the traditional healthcare model was putting out there as health.

Jamie Roussel is a certified holistic coach, practicing RN, and veteran. [Source: Jamie’s Instagram]

She later left her job as an ER nurse to concentrate on her failing physical, mental, and spiritual health. She completed the program in six months and gained a lot of knowledge.

It made her life so much better and healthier, and her husband, who used to be a few pounds higher weight, had lost the weight.

In addition, she also loves preparing food. When she was 21, she also went to culinary school in Chicago and graduated from Lecordonbleu International with a culinary certification. Jamie also worked for The House of Blues in Chicago, The Hilton, and a few other places before she gave up cooking for a living.