5 Interesting Facts About Katina Eats Kilos

Last Updated : December 7, 2023

Katina Eats Kilos

Katina Eats Kilos, whose real name is Katina DeJarnett, is a professional eater doing weekly restaurant challenges and food/travel vlogs. Further, she has also shared exceptional vlogs of enjoying food and big eats worldwide.

She is a former bodybuilder and is currently living with her caring boyfriend, who is also a professional eater.

From “Katina Lifts” to “Katina Eats”

DeJarnett had a big appetite even before starting her YouTube channel. She has also been active and dabbled in cross fit and bodybuilding. At the start of her career, she was a personal trainer and had attempted to be a fitness influencer.

DeJarnett started her YouTube channel as a personal trainer and lifter. [Photo: DeJarnett’s Instagram]

At that time, the word “kilos” was used frequently in the workout descriptions at the Olympic Lifting community, so she named her YouTube channel Katina Lifts Kilos. However, the YouTuber was hooked after winning food challenges with relative ease.

After transitioning from lifting kilos to eating kilos, she thought it was natural to replace the word lifts with eats. And that is how she had named her YouTube channel.

Nevertheless, she has become a successful professional eater with a significant following on social platforms.

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Celebrates Her Birthday on July 10

DeJarnett celebrates her birthday on July 10. She was born to her parents: her father, Earl Armstrong, and her mother, Renee Pitts. She also has a stepfather, James Pitts, and a stepbrother. Growing up, she had a big appetite and enjoyed taco nights.

The 32-year-old used to keep up with her stepbrother and dad’s appetite. The surprising fact is that she has found dieting easy and has dieted for a lot of years just for fun. She was also really chubby at one time.

Further, the YouTuber was also deployed in an airforce, and the cafeteria there had a dining system.

During her deployment, she used to load tons of vegetables and stuff on her paper plate so that it would flex it. Seeing her load of vegetables, the workers there called her spinach.

She has never made a post about her birthday; however, her caring boyfriend, Randy Santel, has. He hasn’t only made a post but took her to Iceland to celebrate the occasion. The lovely couple took a fantastic picture in front of the tall Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

DeJarnett and her boyfriend had gone on a lovely trip to Iceland on one of her birthdays. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, the professional eater and her lovely partner also support her father’s and mother’s restaurants around the globe.

Earns More Than 100K Per Year From Her Channel

DeJarnett has boomed in the world of professional eating challenges and social media handles too. Her estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are between $824 and $13.2K. As per Social Blade, her estimated yearly earnings are between $9.9K and $158.2K.

Katina mainly earns her income from social media platforms. [Photo: Santel’s Instagram]

Her channel has over 683K subscribers with over 134 million views. Further, the YouTuber and her boyfriend also moved to their new home in Milwaukee.

One can assume that she could have an estimated net worth of six figures.

She doesn’t eat as much as during the food challenges. The YouTuber has eaten healthily and exercised a lot. Then, she does daily tasks like filming and editing her clips for her channel.

Furthermore, her partner, Randy Santel, has over 1.66 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His estimated monthly earning from YouTube is between $738 – $11.8K, and his yearly earnings are between $8.9K – $141.6K.

Moreover, they both run side businesses together but have kept their earnings secret. Overall, they lead a luxurious life and have enjoyed success on the online platforms.

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A Love Story That Started With a Food Challange

Santel found DeJarnett through her YouTube channel. At that time, he wanted to bring someone to the challenge he was invited to. So, he asked the former personal trainer, and she also agreed.

They bonded instantly after meeting in Alaska, and Santel felt he had known her even before meeting her. The lovely pair connected from the time she got into the car. The lovely lady also felt like talking to an old friend.

They shared similarities and loved fitness, eating massive amounts of calories, and nutrition. The lovebirds have also filmed a house tour after moving to Milwaukee.

After the food challenge was over, the YouTuber was the one who had mysteriously forced him to ask her to be his romantic partner.

The lovely duo went on to spend their romantic days together. They drove over 3,000 miles in a rental car, and he had purposed her to be his girlfriend there. After a few days of contemplating, she said yes to him, and they have been together since then.

Furthermore, they have also bonded with each other’s parents. Her mom had even given them their Christmas present, a photo album of their adventures since they met.

Santel and his girlfriend’s father are stag beer lovers and enjoy the beverage occasionally, and she has found joy in watching them share a loving bond. Santel has also said to date someone who gives the same feeling when they see food coming at a restaurant.

Well, the YouTuber has also gone on trips with her beau’s parents and enjoys spending time with them in the same lodges. Moreover, they frequently collaborate to make YouTube videos and do food challenges together.

All in all, the love birds are now living together and enjoying their romantic life.

She Stays Lean Even After Eating 16,000 Calories In a Single Day

The beautiful social media star is a former personal trainer who completed her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Gonzaga University. So, she has an excellent knowledge of food’s nutritional value and about the movement that she has to do to stay lean,

Further, she doesn’t always consume greasy meals every day. She usually eats a large meal on a typical day with whole grains, proteins, and many leafy vegetables.

She has also talked about the struggles of professional eating. During an eating challenge, flavor fatigue is the hardest to overcome, and the brain gets sick with the same flavor, making the challenge hard to overcome.

The beautiful lady has stayed lean even after consuming massive amounts of calories. [Photo: DeJarett’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she wasn’t always lean and was chubby during her teenage years. As she used to play video games, she developed a lifestyle with no activity, thus gaining weight.

But she changed her physique after she got into bodybuilding. The YouTuber was among the top five contestants of the bodybuilding show.

Then, she built some more muscle and eventually got lean and shredded. The professional eater is careful about her calorie consumption and eats a calorie-controlled diet. However, she is still an avid gamer even to this day and sometimes streams on her Twitch channel.

Overall, she has managed to stay lean by following her strict calorie-controlled diet, and her knowledge about the physical body has also helped in certain aspects.