YouTuber Janie Ippolito: Net Worth, Husband & Weight Loss

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Social Media Influencer Janie Ippolito [Photo: YouTube/@janieippolito]

Janie Ippolito is a social media influencer who has gained popularity through her content on social media platforms. She

She creates videos on her passions, which include food, fitness, and healthy practices. Furthermore, she shares her daily lifestyle as a mom and wife. Ippolito also makes funny videos with her husband.

Ippolito Is in Her Mid 30s

Ippolito celebrates her birthday in August each year. She hasn’t shared her exact date of birth, but she might be in her mid-30s, as she mentioned in one of her Instagram posts that she was born in the 80s.

The social media star celebrates her special day with her family every year. She also shared a Birthday weekend vlog on her YouTube channel in August 2023.

They had decorated their home for the birthday celebration. In addition, her spouse got her a lovely cake. Her child gave her the leaflet that said she was the best mother ever.

Janie Ippolito celebrates her birthday in August each year [Source: Ippolito’s Instagram]

They also went to Chef Mike’s on Seaside Park for dinner at night. “Food was amazing,” she went on to say.

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Net Worth as a Social Media Star

Janie Ippolito’s primary source of income is her YouTube channel. She has gathered a considerable number of subscribers.

She created her YouTube account in December but has been continuously sharing her videos since 2022. She has over three million views till now.

From her videos, her estimated monthly earnings are between $2.9K and $47.2K, as per Social Blade. Moreover, her expected yearly earnings are from $35.4K to $565.9K.

Ippolito had also previously worked as a hairstylist, which might have helped her to make a decent amount of money.

She and her husband lead a comfortable lifestyle. She has also bought her a new minivan in 2021. Ippolito hasn’t, however, disclosed her precise net worth yet.

Ippolito’s Husband Owns a Power Washing Business

The social media star is married to her husband, Dave, and they have been together for several years. She has also welcomed a child with him.

During the Q&A session in 2022, people questioned him if he worked two full-time jobs. Then he replied that he worked full-time and owned a power washing company.

Ippolito’s husband worked full-time and owned a power washing company. [Source: Ippolito’s Instagram]

He mentioned that he is extremely busy in the spring and fall months in the summer. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to discuss his job, which he worked at night shift.

Her husband is shy and timid. In addition, Dave has two children from his previous relationship.

Raising Four Children Together

Ippolito and her partner are raising their four kids well. She has one child, Peter, from a previous relationship, and he has two boys, Nico and Luca. The pair shares a daughter named Ava. The couple is now having a good time with their children.

Janie Ippolito are raising four kids together [Source: Ippolito’s Instagram]

But when they initially got together, it was hard for her hubby, Dave, because her son Peter was with her full time, while his two boys would come during the weekend.

Furthermore, in one of her videos, Ippolito and her other half emphasized that co-parenting was tough. Ippolito has a great relationship with her son’s father but sometimes disagrees.

On the other hand, Dave feels lucky that his children live close to him, which urges him to want to see them or talk. They have phones, and he could call them.

While there could be disagreements regarding their babies with their former partners, Dave and Ippolito finds the best way to deal with them.

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Ippolito’s Terrific Weight Loss Journey

For the majority of her life, the social media star was overweight; this began in elementary school and continued into her 20s.

Most of her pals were attractive and could eat everything they wanted. But she thought she would immediately gain ten pounds if she ate a cookie.

She was always the chubby friend. Furthermore, Ippolito’s physical insecurities also affect her relationships, causing jealousy. She experimented with a million diets.

Janie Ippolito has tried several diets to lose weight [Source: Ippolito’s Instagram]

“I tried a million and 1 diets, you name it, I probally tried it. You guys remember bee pollen!?” she said. She didn’t learn to appreciate her body for what it is and find balance in her life until very late.

She eventually came to a place where she accepted her physique and was happy. Later on, she lost a lot of weight because of a fad diet. She now shares her experience of losing weight on social media platforms.