Jason McIntyre’s Married Life Alongside His Wife and Children

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

Fox Sports Jason Mcintyre with his wife and kids [Photo: Instagram/jasonrmcintyre]

Jason McIntyre has been blissfully married to his wife for more than a decade. The lovely couple are still head over heels for each other, and their relationship has definitely stood the test of time.

Furthermore, both of them have started their journey into parenthood, as the couple is blessed with two kids: a son and a daughter.

McIntyre and His Wife Have Been Married Since 2007

Jason McIntyre and his wife, Amy Lynn DiBenedetto, exchanged their wedding vows on April 22, 2007. Their ceremony was held at Gloria Dei Church in Philadelphia and was performed by an Episcopal priest, The Rev. D. Joy Segal.

A year before their wedding, in 2006, the lovely couple got engaged when they were on a trip to Thailand and Maldives.

McIntyre and his spouse got engaged during their Thailand and Maldives trip. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, McIntyre is also a caring husband who often wishes his wife on Birthdays, Mother’s Days, etc. For him, she is the one who plans all these fantastic trips that they take and is the best mom to their two kids.

Likewise, the romantic guy also wished his spouse, DiBenedetto, a Happy Valentine’s Day. And on that post, he uploaded a series of pictures where they were also seen cosplaying Jasmine and Aladdin.

Further, the lovely pair are avid travelers who love going on adventures. During their engagement trip, they rode an elephant, got robbed, and saw all the Buddhas. That trip was memorable for his spouse, as she shared the pictures in 2022.

Furthermore, the duo have been married for over sixteen years, and even after all these years of being together, their love for one another has not withered.

All in all, McIntyre and DiBenedetto have been enjoying their romantic and adventurous life since 2007.

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Who Is McIntyre’s Wife DiBenedetto?

McIntyre’s spouse, Amy Lynn DiBenedetto, is the daughter of Gary DiBenndetto and Linda Kokinda. And, Her mother and father are both from New Jersey.

She is in her early forties and has worked as a regional account manager in New York at Home Diagnostics. The company that she has worked for is a manufacturer of blood glucose monitors.

Further, the lovely couple graduated from the same college, James Madison University. Her mother has been living a retired life as she used to teach English at Reading-Fleming Middle School in Flemington.

Similarly, DiBenedetto’s father is a conceptual artist, and his sculptures were displayed at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery in Cambridge. Moreover, her father and mother are no longer together.

The lovely lady’s parents have already separated. Her dad is married to Althea DiBenedetto, and her mom shares a marital life with David Kokinda. Nevertheless, she is close to both her stepparents.

Overall, DiBenedetto has talented parents, and she has led a balanced romantic and professional life.

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Fun-Filled Moments With Their Children

McIntyre and Benedetto have also taken their children to make memories and be part of their incredible adventure. And the family has visited many places together. She is the one who plans their awesome vacations, gets them most pit seats at Kidz Bop concerts, and secures tickets to epic Nerf gun battles.

She is caring, thoughtful, and all the other adjectives that sum up an incredible mom. A few months ago, the couple took their son and daughter to Taylor Swift’s concert.

The betting analyst had uploaded a reel through his Instagram account. It was a night to remember, and they found the performance incredible. Further, the reel was made by their ten-year-old child.

McIntyre’s spouse is a caring and proud mother of their two children. [Photo: McIntyre’s Instagram]

The caring father wished his son his 10th birthday and said happy double digits to the most fun, creative, curious, hard-working boy he has known.

Furthermore, their son is a sports lover and has excelled in indoor and outdoor activities. The little guy has also won his first chess tournament, making his father proud of him. Their son is also interested in basketball, volleyball, and many other sports.

On the other hand, their daughter also looks like she is into basketball. Overall, the couples are caring and supportive parents of their children and are guiding them towards great success.