Fans Discussion Surrounding Jena Frumes’s Parents And Family

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Jena Frumes

When people are associated with someone famous, their whole life is dragged into the media Likewise, it’s the same case with Jena Frumes’s parents.

Netizens are curious to learn more about the actress’s dad and mom. Nonetheless, she confirmed in a tweet that she was raised in foster care and comes from a broken family.

Frumes’s Father Passed Away When She Was 5

The model and actress didn’t have the opportunity to live with her father for a long time. Her dad passed away due to an asthma attack when she was only five years old. Therefore, she didn’t get a chance to know much about him.

But other people told her that she was much like him. Furthermore, she doesn’t have more pictures with her dad.

So, she wished to have more images of her and her father. Frumes added that she knew she would have tons if technology was more advanced back then.

Jena Frumes’ father passed away when she was only five years old [Source: Twitter]

She hardly ever tweets about her mother but occasionally wishes her Happy Mother’s Day.

According to the actress, her mother had green eyes, and her father had grey eyes. Even though she hasn’t disclosed her parents’ names, many sites have claimed that her folks’ names are Mickey Frumes and Jayne Mansfield.

In addition, sites claimed that she is descended from Native Americans. Nevertheless, people have different opinions about her parents.

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Fans’ Discussion Surrounding Her Parents

As aforementioned, people are curious to know about her father and mother. Therefore, they took the topic on the Forum Lipstick Alley and started to discuss it.

Folks claimed that her father’s name is Roger, but her mother’s is not Jayne Mansfield, as claimed by other sites.

They also stated that her mother had a drinking issue when she was a teenager. Furthermore, during her first effort at recovery, she was severely injured in a car accident while traveling to an AA meeting.

Her face was scarred, and one of her eyes had been damaged beyond repair. It was extracted, and she now has a glass eye in that socket.

Other users talked about her ethnicity, claiming that Jenna’s father was a mixed-race Puerto Rican. She was born in New Jersey and relocated to Laurinburg as a teen with her mother and two sisters.

Moreover, they claimed that Frumes is not of Native American descent.

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Jena Frumes Is a Mother Herself Now

The actress is a mother now. She welcomed a son, Jason King, with her boyfriend, Jason Derulo, in May 2021.

She shared the heartwarming news through an Instagram post, along with a picture of their first child.

However, she and her partner split nearly five months after their son Jason King was born. The couple had started dating in March 2020.

Jena Frumes welcomed her first child with her partner in May 2021 [Source: Frumes’ Instagram]

He announced the breakup news on Twitter, saying, “She is an amazing mother, but we feel being apart at this time will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves and the best parents we could be.”

The actress also spoke out about Jason Derulo’s actions during their relationship when an Instagram follower questioned the influencer’s morals.

She later posted a lengthy message on her Instagram, stating that all she wanted from Derulo was “a family to love and experience life with.”. The actress claimed that he was cheating and disrespecting her, which got in the way of the split.