Jennifer Coffindaffer Initially Met Her Husband In College

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Former FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer and her husband Thad Coffindaffer [Photo: Twitter/Facebook]

Jennifer Coffindaffer has been married to her husband, Thad Coffindaffer. The two have been together for several years now.

The lovely couple initially met in college. Eventually, they got to know each other, but their relationship didn’t take off right after their first meeting.

Coffindaffer and her Husband Thad Started Dating Later

Coffindaffer and her husband Thad met briefly while attending Wichita State University in Kansas.

However, the couple didn’t start dating right then. Later, after seven years, their love story kicked off when she worked as an agent in Houston. Then, over the years, their relationship got better and better.

Both of them, Coffindaffer and her partner, are always concerned about each other, especially her hubby, about her profession.

In an interview, Thad revealed that he was fascinated by her job. Despite that, Thad has repeatedly reminded her to stay in the back whenever she was on a Swat assignment.

However, he also understands that staying behind is not her personality, and she has to go on Mach 5, or she’s bored. They have a strong relationship and consistently spend quality time together.

Furthermore, she is also an excellent mother to their three children, whom the couple has raised well.

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The Adorable Couple Are Proud Parents of Three Children

Coffindaffer and her spouse have three children: two sons, Kyle Coffindaffer and Camden Coffindaffer, and a daughter, Chloe Coffindaffer.

In 1999, the endearing couple welcomed Kyle as their first child. Then, two years later, they welcomed their daughter Chloe. However, it’s unknown when they had their third child, Camden.

In an interview with Glamour in 2005, she said that her kids learned at a young age to get out their toothbrushes for inspection and to line up their sippy cups in the morning.

Furthermore, as per Thad post on Facebook, Kyle plays football. Of their three children, Camden is still in school, while the first and second appear to have graduated already.

Jennifer Coffindaffer and her husband welcomed three children: two sons and a daughter [Source: Thad’s Facebook]

Coffindaffer shared one image on her Facebook of her with her family. Nevertheless, Thad has shared a couple of pictures of their child.

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More About Coffindaffer’s Husband

Coffindaffer’s spouse, Thad, is a Chief Commercialization Officer at Inspired Therapeutics. He has over 20 years of experience as a sales executive and management in the medical device industry.

He started his career in March 2007 as a Vice President of Sales at ATS Medical. Thad worked there for three years and seven months.

He then joined Levitronix in 2011 as a Vice President of sales and marketing. He worked for the company for seven months before quitting in 2011.

Thad Coffindaffer currently works as a Chief commercialization officer at Inspired Therapeutics [Source: Thad’s Facebook]

He later worked as a consultant for Thoratec Corporation for one year and five months. Jen’s hubby was thereafter promoted to the company’s Senior Director. He spent three years and one month there.

Thad joined Inspired Therapeutics as Chief Commercialization Officer in 2017 and is currently employed there.

Regarding his education, he graduated from Derby High School in 1980. After that, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Wichita State University. In 1991, he finished his MBA in finance and marketing from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.