Jennifer Pastiloff Divorced Her Husband and Has a New Partner

Last Updated : November 7, 2023

Author Jennifer Pastiloff and Actor Henry Czerny [Photo: Instagram/jenpastiloff]

Jennifer Pastiloff is currently in a relationship with Henry Czerny after the divorce from her former husband, Robert Taleghany. He is none other than the famous actor who has starred in hit movies like Mission: Impossible, The Boys of St.Vincent, and many more.

Besides acting, he is also into photography and is a woodworker. Further, the couple are enjoying their relationship and were also seen together at the world premiere of Mission: Impossible in Rome.

Pastiloff Met Her New Partner in July After Divorce With Her Husband

Pastiloff had shared a romantic story of her rendezvous with her new partner, Czerny. The month of July has held so much for her. In 2022, she had ended her marriage that month, and two days before her divorce, she had met her future love.

She met Cezerny at a party in London. Pastiloff had one of the best conversations with him, and she was so involved in the conversation that she described it as a form of lost art.

Czerny was also delighted and said to her that she was the best listener that he had ever met.

The multitalented actor brought tears to her eyes when he showed a photograph. Moreover, she wrote that even her previous husband had a lovely time with him.

She and her former spouse, Taleghany, had hung out with him in LA, but life had more plans for those two. When the former couple were back in Ojai, they made plans to hang out with Czerny.

After the divorce from her ex-lover, her relationship with the actor grew more profound than ever. Eventually, she wrote a poem about the photo that Czerny had shown her during the eve.

They started plotting a photo/poetry book, and before they knew it, they had already fallen in love. Nevertheless, both of them are now enjoying each other’s company.

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Both Of Them Were Previously Married

Pastiloff had enjoyed many years of married life with her previous husband, Taleghany. The former couple had a court marriage on February 25, 2010, because she didn’t want to do a big wedding.

Further, she used to teach yoga at an institute where she held a small wedding celebration. They had people read poems, sing, play music, and offer prayers.

The generous lady had asked the guests to bring donations instead of gifts for her wedding because a disastrous earthquake had occurred in Haiti then.

Pastiloff with her ex-husband during their wedding celebration. [Photo: Instagram]

She had posted about their 11th anniversary and concluded writing that life wasn’t perfect, but it was good, and she was grateful. But their relationship didn’t stand the test of time and started to crumble.

On March 26, she uploaded a clip of her children and ex-lover parting ways and captioned, “Divorce can look like this.” She even wrote that she was proud of the decision that she took and that she was doing it her way.

On the other hand, Czerny was previously married to Claudine Cassidy since 2001. Furthermore, he hasn’t revealed the reason behind their divorce, and it’s time.

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Pastiloff and Czerny Had Children From Their Previous Marriage

She shared a wonderful son named Charlie with her former partner. Her baby boy is seven and celebrated his birthday in May 2023.

They threw a huge party with the help of her friends and chosen family, who came up and loved up on herself and her son.

Pastiloff’s son Charlie is eating his birthday cake. [Photo: Pastiloff’s Instagram]

Air Pizza had sponsored Charlie’s birthday, and she said it was the best pizza in the world. Furthermore, the cake was decorated with his and Mario’s pictures.

They had even invited an artist, Ray, to draw the caricatures of all the children, which were amazing. Well, her house was filled with so much love, but Charlie’s dad couldn’t be there as he was away at that moment.

Moreover, she addressed that they all missed him very much. Likewise, Czerny also has one son, whom he shared with his previous wife.

His son, Cameron, has stayed away from the limelight and hasn’t appeared anywhere on social platforms. Nevertheless, Pastiloff and his new partner are living a great life along with their kids.