Kacey Montoya Looks Stunning With Her Current Boyfriend

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

KTLA Kacey Montoya with her partner [Photo: Facebook/kaceymontoyaTV]

Netizens have always wondered whether the beautiful reporter Kacey Montoya has a boyfriend. As she is in the limelight, they have always been curious to know about her love life.

However, she has left people in the dark about her personal life, especially romance. But not anymore, as she recently shared her picture with her partner.

Some Netizens Did Not Hold Back on Montoya and Her Boyfriend’s Photo

The stunning reporter recently shared her picture with her partner, where the duo celebrated Christmas at their holiday party in Dallas.

But, netizens didn’t let up on Montoya and her lover’s picture. Folks started by inquiring whether he was her father since they stated that he looked like her dad.

On the other hand, some disagreed, stating that the two looked amazing. They called them a wonderful couple while others were making fun of them.

Kacey Montoya recently shared her picture with her partner. [Source: Montoya’s Instagram]

She rarely shared her picture with her partner. However, based on some of the pictures, it seems like the pair is interested in golfing.

The reporter posted a picture with her lover in October when the two were playing Golf. Her beloved partner was wearing Go Golf ARch Fit Elite Vortex with their Hoodless Ottoman jacket, while she was wearing Go Golf Max 3. She said that it was so comfy.

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Has Often Tweeted About Her Boyfriend Over the Years

Even though Montoya never shared a single picture back then, she was seen tweeting about her lover several times.

She tweeted in January 2018 that her beau had never heard of Hominy. Then, one user asked if it was a lover or best friend. She responded with “boyfriend.”

The reporter also stated that her lover was a show’s cast member. In March 2020, she responded to a user who asked for a good show to watch. Then, she suggested to watch his new show, Almost Paradise, on WGN.

She was frequently spotted responding to Twitter users back in the day. “When’s our tee time?” one user asked, responding to one of her tweets about Golf.

Later on, she went on to say that she would only be going golfing with her partner. Her beau cooks food as well.

Nevertheless, it is not sure if the partner she has mentioned in the tweets is the same guy whose photo she uploaded a couple of months ago.

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Was Montoya Previously Married?

The beautiful reporter hasn’t revealed anything about her marriage, but, as per her one tweet in 2012, it appears that she had tied the knot.

She mentioned a man named Matt Brode on Twitter and stated that her husband was vacuuming for the first time. Since it was his first time, she taught him how to use it, and he said, “So, that’s how this thing works.”

Kacey Montoya tweeted referring husband to Matt Brode in 2012 [Source: Twitter]

As per his Twitter bio, he is a chief meteorologist at KVOA News 4 Tucson, Arizona. In addition, he is also the AP winner for Best Weathercast. He is a proud University of Arizona alumnus who holds the AMS approval seal.

Whether the couple married at one point in their lives is unknown. However, they might have tied the knot and divorced since she referred to him as her husband.

Nevertheless, they are not together now, and she has been enjoying her life with her new lover, with whom she spends quality time with him.