Kaitlyn Maus Has Been Dating Her Boyfriend Since 2020

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Kaitlyn-Maus and her boyfriend

Kaitlyn Maus is a successful YouTuber who blogs about bowhunting and other adventures. She has amassed an enormous fan following from around the world. As a consequence, netizens are wondering if she has a boyfriend or not.

Nevertheless, several sites have claimed that her partner is Chris Bee. How true is that?

Maus Is Not Single

It all started when she often appeared on Chris Bee’s YouTube video, which caused folks to wonder whether the duo were things.

However, it has now been confirmed that the two are dating. Their mutual love of hunting perhaps explains why they got along so well.

She announced her relationship with Chris Bee in 2020. The social media sensation changed her relationship status from single to in a relationship with Bee. Furthermore, netizens now claimed that the lovely couple moved to Lowa.

Kaitlyn Maus and her boyfriend, Chris Bee, have been together since 2020 [Source: Bee’s Instagram]

The two continuously shared their picture, spending precious time together. In July 2020, he shared an image after hunting Tukey, saying he was super proud of her for sticking with it and tagging out on the bird.

The charming pair also shared pictures when they weren’t hunting, which is rare. Nevertheless, Maus and Bee are incredibly close to each other.

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Maus’s Boyfriend Is a Professional Archer

Maus’s Boyfriend, Bee, is a well-known competitive archer and bowhunter. He has gathered a considerable fan following on his social media account.

He has won the national championship five times. Furthermore, he has other national and international podiums finished on his resume. He began archery as a child, shooting arrows from a fiberglass recurve in the backyard with his father.

He enrolled in the Livingston Conservation & Sports Association’s Junior Olympic Archery Development program before age eight.

Bee competed in his first stated indoor event at the Michigan Archery Association at ten. He finished third in the Bowman class while shooting a bowhunter setup there.

While continuing to compete in local competitions with his compound bow, he joined the Hartland Consolidated Schools NASP squad in middle school.

Chris Bee is a professional archer who is a five-time national champion [Source: Bee’s Instagram]

Then he competed with NASP equipment: a Genesis compound bow shot with fingers and no sight. Bee was a NASP supestar.

He was named to four national all-star teams, which include the top 16 archers in the country. He competed in international tournaments from South Africa.

Simultaneously, he gained experience while competing in USA Archery events with an open compound bow setup. While in high school, Bee discovered he enjoyed making videos.

Later, he started a YouTube channel where he posted archery videos. Now, he has amassed considerable subscribers on his channel.

Bee Is the Owner of Bee Enterprises LLC

Bee is the proprietor of Bee Enterprises LLC. He has established Bee Real Merch, where he offers clothes, arrows, grips, stabilizers, and other accessories.

Furthermore, he has also worked as an Archery RSO Instructor at The Demmer Center in 2015. He spent two years and went to MSU Archery.

After a year, he went to work as an Archery Instructor at The Bee Experience. In 2016, he established Bee Enterprises LLC.

In terms of education, he graduated from Hartland High School in 2015 with a high school diploma. He later attended Michigan State University and completed his Bachelor’s in Advertising.

In addition, Bee has a USA Archery Level 2 Coach certificate.

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Bee’s Girlfriend’s Dad Is The Reason She Started Hunting

Kaitlyn Maus’s dad, Randolph Maus, is the main reason she began hunting. Her dad took her out when she was just able to walk.

She killed her first deer when she was only twelve years old. She almost gave up hunting that day because after she shot her, the deer bawled, which made her terrified.

Maus was depressed and upset but was happy that she had gotten the deer. It was a weird experience for her.

Then, her dad wanted to keep her going. One day, she was taken hunting, but she stayed in the truck while her father went hunting.

Kaitlyn Maus’s father is the main reason she started hunting [Source: Maus’ Instagram]

He didn’t get far before she fell asleep and shot a deer. Then he brought it back and loaded it into the truck, and she slept the entire time. She felt jealous at that time.

When she was 14, she received a crossbow for Christmas because they were legal in Pennsylvania. That was the reason she began archery hunting. She was raised alongside her brother, Nathan Maus.

She is passionate about hunting, conservation, and the outdoors. Maus created her YouTube channel under Kaitlyn Maus Outdoors in 2018 and started posting videos.

Furthermore, she has also opened an online store where she sells clothes, mugs, and other items.

The social media sensation’s life is rooted in the outdoors. She believes in showing that women can be skilled and knowledgeable.