Kelsey McKinney’s Husband Trey Doesn’t Have A Social Media

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Kelsey McKinney

Kelsey McKinney exchanged the wedding vows with her husband, Trey, in 2014. They have been together for several years now.

They have gone on several vacations, spent precious time together, and built a close relationship. In addition, she continuously shared her pictures with him. However, unlike her, he does not have a social media account.

McKinney’s Revelation of Her Husband’s Lack of Social Media Presence

The writer shared some pictures in 2021 and disclosed that her hubby, Trey, has no social media account. Her spouse appears to be a pretty private person. Nonetheless, the writer consistently shares images of them with the amusing caption.

In June 2018, she shared the picture on Instagram and humorously wrote, “Trey is an Instagram husband now. Congrats to him.”

As a result, internet users also started making jokes and said they had heard that he prepared for the job for a year and completed a two-day qualification exam. One user also inquired whether they might borrow him at some point.

Kelsey McKinney revealed that her husband Trey has no social media account [Source: McKinney’s Instagram]

The love birds currently live in Philadelphia. She relocated there with her significant other and puppy, Georgia, shortly after launching the podcast in 2022. The two have been married for nearly a decade now.

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McKinney’s and Trey Will Be Celebrating Their Tenth Anniversary Next Year

The writer and her spouse, Trey, tied the knot in July 2014 in an intimate wedding ceremony. Since then, the pair have been enjoying their married life.

She never fails to wish her partner an anniversary despite him having no social media handle. The pair will celebrate their tenth anniversary in July next year.

For instance, in July 2021, she wished him a happy seventh anniversary and disclosed that her partner lacked social media access.

Kelsey McKinney and Trey exchanged the wedding vows in July 2014 [Source: McKinney’s Instagram]

McKinney posted a couple of images, one of which was from their wedding. She stated that she was genuinely shocked that they had been allowed to get married as children, which ended up being the best choice she had ever made.

Furthermore, she added that although the last year (2020) has been cut short, she was incredibly thankful for their time together and the internal bits they shared.

Over the years, the two had taken several trips together. The two like going on trips and spending time together. McKinney and Trey visited Multnomah Falls, Portland, Oregon, in 2021.

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More About McKinney’s Husband Trey

Trey, McKinney’s spouse, is employed as a structural engineer. He celebrates his birthday in June every year.

In addition, she always remembers to wish him a happy birthday. In June 2023, she shared his picture and captioned it, “Everyone say happy birthday day to Trey.”

On Twitter, the writer also sometimes shares jokes about him. She tweeted in January 2022 that she had just learned that the daily peanut butter and berry smoothie that Trey gave her had hidden spinach.

Kelsey McKinney’s significant other is a structural engineer [Source: McKinney’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she shared on social media nine months later that she wanted everyone to know that he was eating her awful cake voluntarily because it was cake.

Her significant other now has a different hairstyle. He used to have short hair, considering her Instagram image, but now, he started growing it out.

The couple is spending quality time together and enjoying married life. This year, they also commemorate their anniversary, which she views as the most beautiful day of the year.