Kim DeGiulio’s Baby Has Already Shot His First School Pictures

Last Updated : November 3, 2023

Local 4 News Reporter Kim DeGiulio with her baby [Photo: Instagram/kimdegiulio]

Traffic reporter Kim DeGiulio is married to her husband, Kevin Yarows. She also announced her heartwarming news of welcoming a baby with him in December 2022.

She stated that baby Yarrows was expected to arrive on May 4, 2023. The pair were so excited to become parents of their little one.

Later, on May 11, a few more days from the expected date, she welcomed their son, Blake Christopher Yarows, at 5:01 p.m. He weighed 7lbs 11oz at the time of birth. She thanked her child for making her mom and making Mother’s Day extra special.

Kim DeGiulio’s Son’s First School Photos

Most people capture their first child’s school picture after two or three years. But that’s not the case with DeGiulio’s baby.

Just five months after his birth, she shared a picture on her Instagram post of her son Blake’s first school pic.

In the snap, he was sitting behind the global map. The adorable baby was smiling while looking at the camera. She penned in the caption, “Blake’s first school pics,” with book, pencil, and map emojis.

Kim DeGiulio shared her son’s school picture just five months after his birth [Source: DeGiulio’s Instagram]

Looking at this cute picture of Blake, netizens couldn’t help themselves from commenting a sweet word for him.

Many people called him a squishy, cute, and a doll, whereas some said he was such a happy little guy. Moreover, they professed that he is just the cutest, always smiling and a happy boy.

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His Mother Is Making Him a Michigan Fan

DeGiulio is a football fan. She has gone multiple times with her husband, Kevin Yarows, to see the game.

But this time, they had another family member join them to watch the game. And that’s their baby, Blake.

DeGiulio and Yarrows went to watch the Michigan game with their baby on September 2, 2023. She also shared lovely pictures from the stadium.

In addition, Blake also got the “My First Game Certificate.” She said that Blake’s first Michigan game was so special.

Kim DeGiulio and her husband, Kevin Yarows, went to watch the Michigan game with their son, Blake [Source: DeGiulio’s Instagram]

Later, in late September, the pair also watched the game. Yarows and Blake were wearing the same go-blue T-shirt. The couple’s son was looking so cute in that outfit. She posted multiple pictures of him, which were liked by many netizens.

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Blake’s Parents’ Blissful Marital Life

DeGiulio and Yarows shared their wedding vows on September 2, 2018, in an intimate wedding ceremony.

In 2023, the charming pair celebrated their five years of togetherness with the biggest smile and fullest heart. She stated that life was so good with her husband.

The duo met in 2012 for the first time. Both of them grew up attending Camp Michigania, a University of Michigan alumni camp in Northern Michigan, but they never went at the same time of the summer.

They eventually reunited and bonded over their similar fascination with maize and blue when they both returned as counselors in 2010.

Kim DeGiulio and her husband, Kevin Yarows, tied the knot in September 2018 [Source: DeGiulio’s Instagram]

Two years later, the Detroit residents took their friendship to the next level and started dating. DeGiulio says she knew Yarows was the one approximately a year into their relationship, but she was not convinced he felt the same way.

“I knew a lot sooner that we were going to get married than Kevin,” she said. “Because he’s younger than me, it took him some time to be comfortable with the idea of marriage,” Blake’s mom added.

They also spent several years in long-distance relationships, and he proposed to DeGiulio in December 2017 at Townhouse in Detroit. Now, they are raising their baby while spending quality time together.