Kimmy’s Kreations’ Kid Number 4 Is a Boy, Again

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

YouTuber and Chef Kimmy Kreations [Photo: Facebook/kimmyskreations20]

Kimberly Nichols, aka Kimmy’s Kreations, is the doting mother of three boys and does a great job parenting them. Now, she is expecting her fourth child into this world.

She revealed the gender of her kid through her Facebook post. The mama of three, who credits her sons as the reason behind Kimmy’s Kreations, had an unusual reaction upon learning the fourth child was a boy again.

Nichols Wasn’t Thrilled Knowing It’s a Boy Again

During the gender reveal, Nichols didn’t seem enthusiastic in the photos. Moreover, she said her sister could have just emailed her about the gender.

Nichols during the gender reveal of her 4th baby. [Photo: Facebook]

But her partner proudly sprayed the blue color into the air. A user commented to Nichols’ partner that he seemed so proud to be only making boys.

While others wished her congratulations, the love she received from her fans made her feel better and thanked them all. Further, many people found her Facebook post hilarious, and the reaction on her face was priceless.

Nevertheless, she has shown the world that she is a caring mother and can handle the responsibility when it falls on her shoulders.

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She Is a Proud Mother of Three Children

Nichols’s journey into motherhood began when she welcomed her first baby boy, whom she affectionately calls Pop, in 2010. The 13-year-old celebrates his birthday in August.

His birth became a significant event as he was the first reason she started Kimmy’s Kreations. She always wanted to be that mom for her kids that she didn’t have.

Nichols made his very first cake when he was five years old and even when he was ten years old.

Then, her second child, a charismatic, outspoken, caring, handsome little guy, came as a blessing into the couple’s life in 2017. Her middle baby boy is named Cedric Jr, and he celebrates his birthday in April.

On the birthday post about her middle baby boy, she captioned, “If you know my CJ in real life, you know its hard not to love him!” Lastly, she welcomed her youngest baby boy, Cameron, in 2019.

The little one is four years old as of 2023 and celebrates his birthday in February. Overall, Nichols loves the three jewels of her family, and her partner is equally proud of them.

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Nicols’s Kids Are the Reason Behind Kimmy’s Kreations

Nicols is a great mother and has considered her sons the driving force that ignited her passion and love for baking. The lovely mother isn’t a professional baker but gives her best for her children. Be it for their birthday or other celebrations, she bakes excellent cakes for them.

Nicols shared an influential post on Mother’s Day, giving all the credit to her three boys, who made her who she is today. She does her best to make sure she is the most incredible mother.

Her house is filled with love, laughter, yelling, naps, YouTube, asking for juice, kisses, hugs, and, if she is feeling up to it, some good food. Her kids are also great learners, as they have tried to make a cake for their dad on Father’s Day.

Unlike her babies, she has rarely mentioned her partner, who is a war veteran. Moreover, After almost 14 years of active duty service, her man was honorably discharged from the Navy.

Nicols’s husband is a former Navy and proud father of their kids. [Photo: Nicols’s Instagram]

Overall, Nicols fulfills her duty as a great mom alongside her husband. Besides baking tasty cakes for her babies, she also provides her family with sweet and savory foods.