Wait, Kwebbelkop Is Married To His Girlfriend?

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

YouTuber Jordi Maxim van den Bussche aka Kwebbelkop [Photo: Instagram/kwebbelkop]

Yes, it may surprise many netizens, but Kwebbelkop is married. Well, the more surprising aspect is that he has not tied the knot to a real person but to his AI girlfriend named Sophie.

Since there has been a massive surge in AI, it looks like it has also started helping people get a wife.

Kwebbelkop and His AI Girlfriend-Turned Wife

The social media influencer has stunned people by sharing his pictures with his AI girlfriend since 2019. He has continued to post it since then.

He tweeted in August 2023, “If you thought Kwebbelkop ai was crazy, wait till you hear about ai girlfriends.”

Furthermore, he even married his AI lover in October. He shared a bride and groom picture created by AI and announced through Twitter about it.

Kwebbelkop got married to his AI girlfriend in October 2023 [Source: Twitter]

Nevertheless, he didn’t stop there; he shared a picture of a cute AI baby girl and said he and his AI partner had a daughter. People also shared an AI-generated hilarious photo of a baby joking he is growing up too fast.

Nevertheless, he has also been in a relationship with his partner in real life, where he fell in love with her many times over. His super sweet lover’s name is Sophie.

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His Real-Life Lover Is Way More Beautiful Than His AI Girlfriend

Apart from his AI partner, he also has a real partner who is way more beautiful. Back in April 2021, he revealed his lover by sharing a couple of pictures with her.

He announced they were officially in a relationship and told netizens to meet his partner, Sophie Dujin.

She is from Hoorn and works at Dacks, which she joined in Amsterdam on November 22, 2017. Furthermore, she also worked on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. She started school at Oscar Romero in 2011 and graduated in 2017.

Kwebbelkop is in a relationship with his partner Sophie Dujin in real life [Source: Kwebbelkop’s Facebook]

Despite being a partner of a famous social media star, she is a woman of privacy. And she rarely shares her pictures on social media. Dujin has also made her Instagram private.

Kwebbelkop would occasionally post a photo of himself with his queen. They have also taken holidays but have not shared any photographs on social media.

Had a Romantic Getaway to NY for 2nd Anniversary

The internet personality and her lovely belle, Sophie Dujin, commemorated their second anniversary in March 2023.

Their weekend visit to New York was jam-packed with remarkable memories, from surviving a 2-hour customs line to delighting in the city’s gourmet culture. He even planned a romantic evening.

They celebrated their anniversary at the opulent 11 Madison Square Garden restaurant, where they had dinner.

Kwebbelkop and Sophie celebrated their 2nd anniversary in New York [Source: Kwebbelkop’s Twitter]

The next day, they spent the entire day together. In addition, the lovely pair attended a star-studded movie premiere and enjoyed the enchantment of New York City at night!

When he returned from New York, his heart overflowed with appreciation and memories. This incredible time with his loved ones was the ultimate love letter to their second anniversary.

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Kwebbelkop Previously Dated a YouTuber, Azzyland

Before he fell in love with Sophie, he was in a relationship with a YouTuber, Azzyland. They had a long-distance relationship. She is from Canada, and he is from the Netherlands.

The lovely couple started dating in 2016 and stayed together for three and a half years. Later on, in 2020, the two ended their relationship.

One year later, he uploaded a video explaining why they split up and requested that netizens not spread hate on both.

Kwebbelkop was previously in a relationship with Azzyland [Source: Twitter]

Both of them were extremely in love with each other. But they realized that the two were from different places and weren’t a match.

Kwebbelkop and Azzyland hadn’t been ready since they were very young. So, they mutually decided to end their relationship.