Lawyer Leeja Miller’s 5 Interesting Facts, Including Husband & Age

Last Updated : December 1, 2023

Leeja Miller

Leeja Miller is a social media star who has gathered enormous followers across multiple platforms by creating innovative and entertaining content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok that uses current events to teach legal topics in an approachable way.

She is a real-life lawyer on a mission to demystify the law and how it affects people’s everyday lives. 

Thoughtful Captions for Herself on Her Birthdays

The lawyer was born on January 16, 1992. She now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she also grew up alongside her three siblings.

On each of her birthdays, Miller dedicates heartfelt captions to herself. For instance, in January 2019, she shared her picture, saying when a milestone like a birthday came up, she found more value in reflection on the many parts of her life she had led.

Furthermore, she describes her painful and delightful experiences from her past. She turned 27 years old in that year.

Leeja Miller shares a thoughtful caption for herself on every birthday [Source: Miller’s Instagram]

She said that she had felt the joy of friendships and relationships with people, as well as the pain that had taken her to her knees.

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Was a Choir at High School

Leeja Miller responded to her followers’ assumptions about her in January 2022. Then, one user assumed she was a choir member.

Nevertheless, it came true as she admitted to being a choir member in high school. She was a classically trained opera singer who won a few opera competitions. Miller stated that it’s just a fun party trick now.

She had gone to the Vassar College. The social media star earned a bachelor’s degree in arts, political science, and Latin American studies in 2014.

Then, she joined Northeastern University School of Law. She graduated during the global pandemic with a Doctor Law.

Quit Her Six-Figure Big Law Job

Miller left a six-figure salary and a guaranteed successful career path to do freelance work and started her law firm in 2020.

She had previously worked at a large law company with around 500 attorneys. She looked into white-collar crime cases.

However, she started her career as an HR intern in 2011 at Cargill. Then, she joined the Law offices of Donald F. Noack as a Legal Administrative assistant. In September 2018, the social media sensation interned at the United States Attorneys’ Offices.

After three months, she joined as an intern at the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.

Later, in 2019, she began working part-time as a summer associate at Lathrop GPM LLP. She has also worked as a Law Clerk and Intellectual Property Attorney for the same company.

The social media star joined Vox Law as Attorney in March 2022 on a one-year contract.

She is now the founder and CEO of Delusion Media. Miller also started a YouTube channel under her name.

She is also the developer of Catalyst Academy, a course that she has packed with all her information about building a successful YouTube channel.

Got Engaged to the Love of Her Life

Leeja Miller is now engaged to her to-be-husband, Charlie Van Stee. She shared her picture with him in June, flaunting her beautiful engagement ring.

The two may have begun their love story in 2019 because it was her favorite year, and she spent the last six months of it falling in love with him.

The attorney also does not forget to wish her beau a happy birthday in February. During his birthday in 2020, “The world is infinitely better with you in it!!! I’m so lucky to get to love you,” she wrote.

Leeja Miller is engaged to her partner Charlie Van Stee [Source: Miller’s Instagram]

She also frequently posts pictures of herself with him on her social media accounts. She first shared her photo with him in August of 2019.

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Her To-Be-Husband Is a Musician

Miller’s partner, Charlie Van Stee, is a musician who has released multiple songs over the years. Some of them are Time Gets Wasted, Blanket, and many more.

In the initial days, Stee had gone through difficult times. He bravely recounts his experience in 2015 of reaching his lowest point and how he managed to rise above it.

In earlier days, due to suicidal thoughts, he was also admitted to the hospital and had this exercise bike strapped to his back. He suffered a lot, but when he began posting nuggets of his experience on social media, he received tremendous support from the music community.

Later, his medicine came into balance, and he released a solo album on his terms because he liked the songs.