PoliticsGirl Leigh McGowan’s Illness, Husband and Net Worth

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Host of the PoliticsGirl Podcast Leigh McGowan [Photo: Instagram/iampoliticsgirl]

Leigh McGowan is a social media star who launched PoliticsGirl to aid people in reconnecting with the country’s political affairs.

She appeared in the limelight, and people started to love her no-nonsense and casual approach. She would break down complicated issues and deliver them to the audiences simply.

A Rare Lung Disease Had Leigh McGowan Worried During COVID-19

Leigh McGowan suffered from super rare lung disease and was isolated for weeks during the 2020 pandemic. She complained that people didn’t understand and were in deep trouble when the global pandemic started. The lovely lady was quite stressed about her condition in the long term.

McGowan illness had terrified her during the 2020 Pandemic. [Photo: Twitter]

She wondered whether a total societal/economic collapse wasn’t what Trump wanted, which scared her during that time. The Youtuber was also worried about the ventilator because of the shortage due to the coronavirus. She was terrified but tried to comfort a Twitter user who was also scared about the condition.

However, she didn’t reveal the name of her rare lung disease, and currently, she seems to be doing fine as the pandemic has reduced. Overall, she was terrified during those dark times but somehow managed to cope with time.

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McGowan’s Husband Enjoys Hiking With Their Son

Leigh McGowan has a wonderful husband who is also a great and active father. The lovely couple exchanged their wedding vows in July 2005. A few months ago, she had wished her partner a happy anniversary on their 18th year of togetherness.

Marrying her husband, Sean McGowan, was the best decision of her life, and she thanked him for their family life and for helping her build PolitcsGirl. She couldn’t do any of those without him; then she added that they would be in the same city one of those days to celebrate.

The duo has an active son, Lochlan McGowan, who loves hiking with his father. Sean shared some glimpses with his son while they went hiking. He captioned, “Best climbing partner ever.” In another post, he and his son enjoyed the view of the vast landscape from Echo Mountain.

Lochlan is grateful for his father and feels he won the genetic lottery. He doesn’t take his dad’s love for granted and feels very lucky to have him, as he says he is the best and better than all the rest. Their son leads an adventurous life and has even climbed Mt. Whitney.

Moreover, he has hiked Mount San Jacinto, Cucamonga Peak, Mount Baldy, Big Pine, and many more with his dad. He has shared his experiences and journey on his blog.

Nevertheless, Lochlan is grateful for his family, especially his dad, who introduced him to hiking and mountain climbing.

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Her Net Worth and Earnings as a Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Influencer

McGowan is a writer; she is also into Perspective Journalism and is a political social media influencer. She is now on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and runs the PoliticsGirl podcast on YouTube and Facebook.

McGowan was a photographer for over a decade. [Photo: McGowan’s Instagram]

She has given simple, digestible explanations of all things about American Politics. Further, she said, “It’s easier to reengage when you know what’s going on.”

Plus, her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts in BAH, Flim, and Communications/Cultural Studies from McGill University has helped her while speaking and making videos on her channel. The intelligent lady earns between $45 to $722 monthly and $541 to $8.7K yearly from YouTube.

McGowan has an estimated net worth of more than $100K. However, she has kept the earnings from other social media handles and, as a writer and photographer, a secret from the media. Before running her YouTube Channel, she worked at Oasis Pictures and was a self-employed actress.

Furthermore, Leigh McGowan also worked as a freelance writer, was a professional photographer for 11 years, and worked for LMG Photography. Overall, she is doing great in her career and has a supportive family.