Liberty Zabala Is All Set To Get Married

Last Updated : December 18, 2023

DC News Now Liberty Zabala and her partner Tyler Simmons [Photo: Instagram/libertyzabala]

Liberty Zabala has been in a romantic relationship with her partner for a couple of years. She is now taking it to the next level by getting married and making him her husband. She strives to share a marital life with her partner soon.

Here are the details of Zabala’s love life.

Zabala Is Getting Married in 2024

Liberty Zabala and her soon-to-be husband, Tyler Simmons, have shared a lovely relationship. Likewise, they are taking further steps in their romantic life by walking down the aisle.

The loving duo announced their wedding & the date to their fans on Zabala’s Instagram account. It was a cinematic promo filled with their lovely moments, and they cited them for staying tuned on June 15, 2024.

Many users wished them congratulations and gave their opinions on the fantastic announcement in the comment section. One of the users noted, ” Wow next level. Pre-wedding promo…”

Liberty Zabala with her loving fiance. [Photo: Liberty Zabala’s Instagram]

The gorgeous lady is ready for her special day and has chosen the wedding dress she will wear for the ceremony. She tried dozens of dresses and finally fixed one from David’s Bridal.

Zabala’s followers liked her dress choice and had only comments full of admiration. Likewise, they expressed she would be the most beautiful & stunning bride.

In addition, the journalist feels like planning a wedding is another version of her master’s degree. She is trying to contact vendors, line up every detail, and invite important people.

Despite this stressful planning work, Zabala is excited to start her new life with her to-be husband, Simmons. She cited doing all this only for him, whom she loves dearly.

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Zabala’s To-Be-Husband Is A Marine

Liberty Zabala’s soulmate, Tyler Simmons, is an infantry officer in the Marine Corps. Simmons is the love of her life whose birthday falls every year in April, and she never misses wishing him.

One can find him on Instagram under the username @tsimmons54, but it is private. Likewise, Zabalais is a loving partner who always prays to god to surround him with protection and finds him as her hero.

In addition, Simmons and his beloved love spending a lovely time together, traveling and having fun. The couple enjoys watching baseball matches or sometimes even attending the Emmy.

Liberty Zabala and her fiance at an award ceremony. [Photo: Liberty Zabala’s Instagram]

Zabala is happy, whether spending time with him or feeling proud of him. She also cites that he has blessed her with the best gift she has ever known, and the gift Zabala is talking about is love.

The beautiful lady once posted that she was collecting Marine Corps ball photos to show their future kids one day. Similarly, she is also close to her soon-to-be mother-in-law and noted she loves her.

Moreover, they celebrated their engagement anniversary in August 2023 and shared on her Facebook, updating fans about it. She looks forward to spending the rest of her life with him.

Presently, Zabala shares a happy love life with Simmons, but she has gone through an unsuccessful relationship. Before meeting him, she shared a romantic life with her former partner.

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Zabala’s Past Relationship

Liberty Zabala previously shared a romantic relationship with Donnie Westfall, whose other name is Mason Westpal. She once mentioned him, captioning, “‪Cute souvenir my bf got me.”

Liberty Zabala’s Facebook post mentioning her boyfriend. [Photo: Facebook]

Both have moved on and have found their new love interest. Well, her former boyfriend is married and shares his life with his wife, Susy Westfall.

In addition, some sites have reported Zabala and her ex-boyfriend were married, which remains a matter of speculation as there is no proof to support the claims

In conclusion, Zabale is excited and looking forward to her upcoming wedding with her partner.