Lizzy Musi’s “True Grit” Award: Life After Breakup From Kye Kelley

Last Updated : December 7, 2023

No Prep Kings star Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley [Photo: Instagram/Facebook]

Things were not easy for Lizzy Musi as she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. On top of that, to make things worse, she and her long-term boyfriend broke up.

Despite these, she came out strong and even received the award for her unwavering spirit, positive outlook, and incredible fight she had shown in racing.

Recipient of True Grit Award

Musi recently won the “True Grit” award, recognizing her grit in season six when she bravely fought the most significant battle.

Street Outlaws Stat Guy honored her in appreciation for her unshakable attitude, optimistic outlook, and fantastic fight in the competition she had shown.

Netizens were overjoyed when she received the award and swamped the comment section with congratulatory messages.

Musi hasn’t only conquered the racecourse but also inspired people with her courage in the face of adversity.

Lizzy Musi received a “True Grit” award in December [Source: Musi’s Instagram]

Her journey is a monument to the enormous fan base and support system she has developed, a community that is rooting for her every step of the way.

Fans have been an everlasting inspiration for her as she navigates these challenging times. Even when she broke up with her beau, she received huge supportive and loving messages from her followers.

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Confirmed Her Breakup With Her Boyfriend, Kye Kelley, Via Facebook

Lizzy Musi wrote a long status, officially confirming her breakup with her partner, Kye Kelley, through Facebook in July 2023.

It had been a rumor online that the two had split up for some time. Therefore, she came to clear the air like her former beau, who cleared the speculation in his comments.

She shared the exact words said to him in a text in KY. Musi claimed that Kelley didn’t support her during her tougher times because of his busy schedule with his racing operation.

She professed to have understood it entirely because it was his source of income. He only visited her one MD Anderson appointment and one chemotherapy session. He rarely ever texted, called, or inquired about her.

She quipped, “He did help to get me in so I am giving him credit for that when it’s due. But feeling lonely on top of someone making you feel even more lonely is got to be the WORST feeling EVER.”

Lizzy Musi confirmed her breakup with her ex-partner Kye Kelley [Source: YouTube/

In addition, Kelley explained to her why he was leaving, saying he was tired of her treating him badly and “treating him like dog sh*t all these years.”

So, she wished he could have dumped her sooner if that was the case. In addition, she said that his only response was he agreed with her decision, and they left it like that.

She tried talking to him to work on things, but he refused and said he just wanted to be friends. Then, she packed all of her stuff in three days when she had pretty much lived in MS for almost seven years.

He offered to help pack, but she turned him down because it hurt to have someone she still loved assist her packing so she could leave his life. It had been hard for her, but her fans sent her love messages and advice to stay strong.

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Musi & Kyle Were Supposed To Get Married Last Month

Lizzy Musi and her then-beau, Kye Kelley, had been a long, formidable team both on and off the track. The pair shared a passion for street racing, and their undeniable chemistry made them a fan-favorite couple in the Street Outlaws series.

Their collaboration demonstrated the strength of their love as they faced challenges and celebrated victories together.

Musi and Kelley were together for several years. The lovely pair also got engaged in November 2021. He got down on one knee on the racing track, presenting the beautiful engagement ring.

Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley got engaged in November 2021 [Source: Facebook]

The couple also planned to exchange wedding vows on November 19, 2023. But before they could do so, life had other plans.

Despite their long history, recent circumstances have resulted in their tragic split. Nevertheless, he still follows her on Instagram while she has unfollowed him. She also has some pictures on her social media handles.

Musi’s partner, Kelley, has previously dated Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley and Alisa Mote. He has a child together with each of them.