Megan Telles’s First Child Is Already Four and Goes to Pre-School!

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

KTLA Megan Telles with her husband and kids [Photo: Instagram/mtelly]

Megan Telles has been married to her husband, Cesar Burgueno, for several years. The charming pair has a wonderful relationship and has always supported one another.

Both of them are now proud parents of two who are growing up way too fast, as their first child has already turned four this year.

Telles and Her Husband Have Come a Long Way

In the company of the right person, time passes by more quickly than one realizes. Telles and her spouse have also made significant progress.

The lovely couple is parents of two, and their firstborn baby girl, Lola Rae, turned four in December 2023.

She never forgets to wish her daughter a happy birthday, expressing her gratitude by dedicating lovely words to her. This year, the adorable couple celebrated their little girl’s birthday, visiting Lego Land in California and having a great time.

The reporter also shared a bunch of pictures on her Instagram account. Their baby is growing so quickly.

Megan Telles’ daughter turned four this year. [Source: Telles’ Instagram]

Telles’s daughter, Lola Rae, is in preschool now. Sharing a post about her baby girl’s milestone, she penned that she felt as if, in a blink, they would be putting her into her college dorm the next moment.

She and her spouse went through every phase of love, happiness, despair, and excitement that comes with being a new parent at this life-changing event when their kid entered preschool.

The pair’s favorite girl is growing up and serving as a constant reminder to slow down and cherish every little moment.

Furthermore, she said that she would not have understood the true meaning of motherhood, which she considered the best life experience, if it weren’t for Lola Rae, whom they welcomed in December 2019.

She announced her pregnancy just five months before, in June. The couple went to Austin to attend a wedding and came home with special news.

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Revealed Her Second Pregnancy on KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News

The reporter announced her second pregnancy on Live Television on KTLA 5 morning news in October 2022, stating that the baby was due in April 2023.

In addition, she had also asked fans to vote in a KTLA Weekend Twitter poll to offer their gender predictions for the upcoming baby.

Later on, Telles, a KTLA reporter and anchor, together with the KTLA Weekend Morning crew, disclosed the gender of the child she is expecting with her spouse, Cesar.

Megan Telles and her husband welcomed a second child in April 2023 [Source: Telles’ Instagram]

However, after having a daughter, they have welcomed a baby boy. On April 17, she gave birth to her cute little boy, Troy Anthony, just before midnight.

The lovely pair are enjoying their blissful married life with their two little children.

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Telles and Her Husband Have Been Together Since 2005

Telles and her partner, Cesar Burgueno, started dating in 2005. Their love story began in match class at LOHS.

Since then, the pair have stayed in a relationship for nine years. Later on, in March 2014, her beau proposed to her.

She shared her engagement pictures, flaunting her lovely ring. The duo went to Colorado for a birthday trip that turned into their life-changing weekend.

Megan Telles and Cesar Burgueno tied the knot in October 2015 [Source: Telles’ Instagram]

Her better half got on one knee to pop the question. The two cried, hugged, and called their families to share the heartwarming news.

In addition, just one year later, in October 2015, the pair shared their wedding vows in front of their families, friends, and relatives. She stated that she married the muscle man of her dreams.

She always praises her hubby. The couple celebrated their 8th anniversary this year. They are now enjoying their blissful marital life with two kids.