Melli Monaco Gives Dating Advice A Lot, But Who’s Her Partner?

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

YouTuber Melli Monaco [Photo: Facebook/mellimonaco]

Meli Monaco often gives dating advice, but it’s a mystery if she shares a romantic relationship with a partner. The beautiful lady talked about focusing on her career, putting romantic endeavors aside.

However, Monaco is rumored to share a relationship with TheRealMTR, a YouTube content creator. He even featured her on his Instagram, which boosted the rumors even more.

Rumors of TheRealMTR being Her Partner

As noted earlier, the rumors of Meli Monaco dating TheRealMTR sparked after he featured her on his Instagram and Livestream.

Meli Monaco with TheRealMTR. [Photo: YouTube]

TheRealMTR’s viewers liked their chemistry during his live-stream session, and some even commented they might make a great couple. However, both have remained low-key and haven’t spoken anything yet.

Monaco also did a collaboration video with the YouTuber on the topic of an open relationship. The rumors were likely boosted him being her partner due to their constant appearance together.

One user commented about her boyfriend in one of the discussion YouTube videos of Monaco and Monaco dating. He wrote, “Her real boyfriend is European she’s not dating that man lol.”

However, the beautiful lady stated she was single a few months ago. Without concrete details, there is no proof they were dating and sharing a romantic life.

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Monaco’s Reasons for Not Being in a Relationship

Meli Monaco has reasons for staying single and not having a relationship with a partner. One of the reasons is focusing on her career and being career-oriented rather than dating, as mentioned earlier in the article.

Monaco’s choice of her type of guy is also the reason for not dating, as she seeks some traits or qualities. She strives for qualities like being nice, having a goal in life, and, finally, being attractive enough.

Furthermore, the social media personality will not date someone older than her and wants somebody around her age. She hasn’t set priorities high and doesn’t demand that he should be rich for dating her.

Monaco is a relationship advisor, although she is not involved in a relationship. She gives this advice through past romantic experiences as the beautiful lady has dated formerly.

Moreover, she advises both those already in a relationship and those trying to get into it. However, Monaco primarily provides a guide to the people who are trying to get a girl.

Overall, Monaco has reasons for leading a solo life and not getting into a romantic connection with someone.

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Some Fears Women Have While Dating, As Per Monaco

Meli Monaco has described or listed seven fears when dating men on her official Instagram. In that video, she discusses several things that women fear according to her.

The YouTuber said that women were scared of hit and run. According to her, they were scared of getting f***ed and then left by the men.

Meli Monaco leads a single life. [Photo: Meli Monaco’s Instagram]

Monaco also explained that the women were also scared of getting cheated on. They would have psychological effects like thinking not being enough, feeling insecure, and all.

Furthermore, the gorgeous lady stated that they were scared of aging. She thought men liked younger ladies, and their value decreased as they grew older.

Being poor was also one of the reasons described by Monaco. She also pointed out that they fear gaining weight, thinking it might affect her attractiveness and dating life.

The social media personality found women fear rejection, and facing it makes them think they are not pretty enough. Lastly, she believed the ladies feared missing out after the breakup.

In conclusion, Meli Monaco often speaks about relationships but isn’t seen dating anyone presently. She may be enjoying her single life for now.