YouTuber Michelle Phan Facts- Wiki, Age, Family, Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Last Updated : January 16, 2023

Who is Michelle Phan?

Michelle Phan is an American-born Forbes 30 under 30 listed makeup artist, demonstrator, and entrepreneur. She rose to prominence due to her makeup videos on YouTube.Moreover, she is a social media influencer with millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides this, she is the founder and owner of EM cosmetics, a multimillion-dollar cosmetic company. The Beauty influencer is also the co-founder of ISpy, a subscription-based beauty company mailing their product to subscribers. In 2015, Ispy was valued at upward of $500 million by Forbes.

She is an actress and producer and can be seen in Marvel Avengers Academy (2016), Introducing Icon (2015), and Simply Bella (2012).

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Michelle Phan Short Bio, Age

The talented cosmetic specialist was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, on April 11, 1987. She is 35 years as of 2023 but going to celebrate her 36th birthday on April 11. She is Aries by zodiac sign having fearless, passionate, and firm characteristics, which we can find in her personal and professional life.

She is American by nationality with Vietnamese ancestral background. She is Asian by ethnicity.

Michelle Phan Parents and Siblings

Michelle was born in a Vietnamese refugee family in America. The political instability in Vietnam caused her parents to migrate to America and stay there in refugee status. Although her father’s name is unknown, he used to be a gambler, squandering their rent, putting Phan’s family in trouble, causing them to move here and there in search of shelter, and even sometimes having to rely on food stamps for their survival. Her father left them when she was six years old.

Michelle Phan with her mother image
Michelle Phan with her mother Jennifer Phan [source: Facebook]

Her Mother, Jennifer Phan, is a nail technician and businesswoman. After her father left them, Jennifer married another person, but his abusive and controlling nature led to another unsuccessful marital relationship.

Besides this, she has one elder brother, Steve Phan, and a half-sister, Christine Phan. Her sister-in-law, Promise Tamang, is also a famous YouTuber, and even they have collaborated on work on Youtube.

Her Education and Early Life

Michelle had a tough and struggling time in her childhood. Her gambler father and abusive stepfather had put her and her family in miserable conditions. Her father’s irrational behavior caused them to move even ten times a year, and she used to stay late in school to protect herself from her abusive step farther.

After they moved to Tampa, Florida, she joined Tampa Bay Technical highschool. However, Michelle’s mother wanted her to pursue a medical career instead of makeup art. Despite her mother’s wish, In 2006, she enrolled in Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida but dropped out in the second semester due to financial reasons. Later, in 2014, she was acclaimed with an honorary doctorate from the same college.

Michelle Phan Career Journey

She started her career journey as a blogger in 2005, sharing beauty and beauty tips, followed by a blogging journey on the Xanga platform posting video tutorials under the username. Ricebunny.

She began her Youtube Journey in 2007, making makeup and beauty-related videos with clear and straightforward instructions. Her videos’ popularity grew daily, and she monetized her channel. The royalty she earned from Youtube helped her to become a full-time YouTuber, and she started to upload videos regularly. Her celebrity-themed Barbie Transformation Tutorial and Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look videos garnered more than 50 million views.

The success on Youtube helped to gain the attention of the beauty brand Lancôme, and they started to collaborate with them by creating videos tutorial using their product.

In 2010 she started her beauty start-up Ipsy, a beauty product subscription company, which helped her become a successful entrepreneur and even listed in 2015 Forbes 30 under 30.

In 2013 she was approached by the Prestigious cosmetic brand L’Oréal to launch Em, a new cosmetic line. The project became unsuccessful due to the high price leading her to become the subject of troll, which affected her mental health.

In 2015 she bought the L’Oréa share from the Em brand and relaunched it in 2017 with reasonable pricing. In 2017 she left Ipsy to focus solely on Em to make it a global beauty brand.

Who is Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend?

Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend is Dominique Capraro, a French model. There is a romantic story behind their meeting. The first time they encounter each other in a café during her visit to Paris unknowingly, as revealed by her in the 2014 Valentine’s Day video.

Michelle Phan with Dominique Capraro [Source: YouTube]

They met after two years of a long-distance relationship. On July 20, 2013, she uploaded a YouTube video titled “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup,” which over 11 million people viewed. He appeared in some of her YouTube videos and even posted their Korea travel diary. Lately, she has stopped posting videos on YouTube with him, the last being on January 24, 2015.

Initially, she was very open to sharing her romantic side of life, but nowadays, she wants to keep it secret. Despite so many rumors that they broke each other, our close investigation shows they are still together; they just wanted to make it super private.

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Michelle Phan’s Height and Body

Michelle has a petite figure standing at five feet 1 inch or 155 cm, and weighs around 50 kg (110 pounds). Despite her short posture, her charming and cute face with slim figure has attracted millions of fan followers.

Michelle Phan’s Net Worth

Michelle Phan is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $50 million. She owns the multimillion-dollar company Ipsy valued at over $500 million by Forbes.

At a very young age, she accumulated a handsome sum of money through her YouTube Channel (over 8 million subscribers), subscription-based makeup company Ipsy –the largest beauty subscription company with over 3 million subscribers, EM cosmetics, as well as her Journey in a movie as an actress and producer.

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