Natalie Herbick’s Love Life: Does She Have a Husband?

Last Updated : February 1, 2024

FOX 8’s Anchor and Host Natalie Herbick [Photo: Instagram/natalieherbick]

FOX 8 News host and anchor Natalie Herbick has made quite a name for herself in the journalism sector. While her professional life has been an open book, the same cannot be said about her love life or husband/boyfriend.

Herbick’s relationship details have been quite well hidden from public scrutiny. So, is the media personality taken? You might want to know, so here are some facts about her love life.

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Herbick’s Husband Is Claimed to Be a Guy Named Scott

According to several media outlets, the news personality has been in a relationship with her alleged boyfriend, Scott. The source of the rumor, however, remains a mystery.

Furthermore, Herbick has often mentioned the name Scott in her Tweets, which might be the reason behind the rumor. However, she’d mentioned several Scotts in her tweets and has raised many eyebrows.

Natalie Herbick often mentions a guy named Scott in her tweets. [Photo: Twitter]

Also, according to a site, she shares a home with him in Cleveland, Ohio. Other than that, if one of these Scotts is Natalie Herbick’s boyfriend, it remains a mystery. Hopefully, she will reveal more about her love life in the coming days.

Rumored to Be Engaged to Gabe Spiegel

The rumors of Herbick’s love life just don’t end her. She is also rumored to have been dating Gabe Spiegel. He joined the FOX 8 family a year earlier than her in September 2012.

Since both of them worked on the same channel and often posted their office banter, it might not have taken much time for the netizens to guess if they were a thing. However, the rumor also has it that the alleged pair is engaged, and Spiegel is her husband-to-be.

In fact, a site has claimed Spiegel proposed to her in their favorite place, which has not been revealed. But, neither of them has spoken anything about their relationship. So, the rumors of them dating remain untrue until and unless either of them speaks on the matter.

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Yet to Have a Child But Adores Her Niece

While Herbick has kept the details of her love life under wraps, she never fails to show off her love for her niece on her social media. She has yet to have a child of her own, but the way she adores her niece is visible through the posts she has made of the little girl.

Herbick’s niece, Fiona, was born in February 2022 to her dad, Joe Herbick, and her mom, Jill Petanovich Herbick. The news personality shared the arrival of the special member on her Instagram and wrote a heart-warming caption, which read,

Welcome to the world Fiona, I love you to the moon and back! My heart is so full. I’m officially an aunt! She is the most beautiful baby girl I could ever imagine. Just perfect in every way. I apologize now for the endless baby pics to follow! I’m just so thrilled to be your aunt, my little angel.

Since then, Herbick has shared numerous pictures of her niece. For instance, in December 2022, she shared a photo with Fiona, stating that the best gifts came in small packages and wished everyone Merry Christmas.

Herbick’s niece, Fiona, was born in 2022. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, in July 2023, Herbick shared an adorable video of Fiona and wrote, “She melts me.” Her angel niece seems to be growing up having a wonderful time surrounded by abundant love and care.

Also, Herbick is a dog mom and adores her pet. Overall, she seems to be living a wonderful life with her family. Hopefully, she will share about her boyfriend or any details of her love life in the coming days.