Unlike Pat Tomasulo, His Wife Does Not Have Any Social Media

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

WGN Anchor Pat Tomasulo and his wife Amy Tomasulo [Photo: Facebook/PatTomasulo]

Pat Tomasulo is married to his lovely wife, Amy Tomasulo. The endearing couple has been together for several years and is always there for one another.

Romsulo’s partner seems to be a very private person, as she lacks a social media presence. But he constantly shares his pictures with her and tweets about her.

Mrs Tomasulo Lacks Social Media Presence

The newscaster’s spouse, Amy, has always remained low-key regarding her personal life. However, unlike her, he constantly mentions her in numerous tweets and social media posts.

He has also announced to the netizens that his partner has no social media account. So, since she didn’t use it, she believed he was the only one who could fix their cable issue from work.

The two of them also have a sense of humor, and he also posts a humorous video he and his wife made.

Pat Tomsulo’s life partner, Amy Tomsulo, has no social media account [Source: Tomsulo’s Instagram]

For instance, he posted a video where he was doing a TikTok dancing challenge. Amy then appeared and interrupted him.

He tweeted that if his spouse ever happened to walk in on him by himself in a room doing a dance challenge, she would have very clear instructions.

Even though his significant other doesn’t see what he posts, he frequently shares posts about her on social media.

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Pat Tomasulo’s Wife Is the One Who Approached First

Tomasulo’s partner, Amy, acknowledged in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times that she approached him first in their relationship

The lovely pair initially met in Rhinelander. He was doing his first broadcasting on Television at that time. She had relocated from Southwest Florida to the Rhinelander to spend time with her brother, mother, and stepfather.

Furthermore, she also helped them in their business while she figured out her next step. Then, she met the newscaster in a bar and immediately fell in love. He revealed in the interview that neither would have thought they would encounter their soul mates.

Pat Tomsulo’s spouse is the one who approached first in their relationship [Source: Tomsulo’s Instagram]

Ever since the couple has maintained daily communication; in addition, she also disclosed to him that she was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. However, he never gave up on her and continued to battle with her, making them closer.

The pair is now married and enjoying their married life. He leaves his life partner Amy’s notes every morning and sends her flowers every Sunday. He even called her during the newscast, asking her to validate his utterly romantic actions.

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Laughter Is Something She Does Not Want to Give Up Despite the Pain

As mentioned earlier, Amy has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia around since 2001. She woke up one day with the pain like a sharp, electric-like shock radiated across the left side of her face.

She never has experienced any pain like that in her life. Then, she instantly went to a local walk-in clinic, where she found out the name of excruciating symptoms within an hour.

She had trigeminal neuralgia, which has no cure. However, it could be controlled through medications, particularly anti-seizure drugs. Surgery can help some people with their symptoms. However, there is nothing for others like Amy.

Since that day, it has never stopped. She had tried every single medication to control it within a year. Amy also couldn’t do a full-time job due to pain.

She laughs so much that it gives her attacks, yet Amy said that she would not give up laughing because she loves to do it.

Furthermore, Amy has also opened a Comedy Fundraiser Event to benefit The Facial Pain Research Foundation. 

The Annual ‘Laugh Your Face Off’ Comedy Fundraiser Event Just Recently Marked It’s 9th Year

Amy Tomasulo, wife of WGN’s Pat Tomasulo, founded the comedy fundraiser event named ‘Laugh Your Face Off’ in 2015.

She organized the event to raise money for research into a highly uncommon kind of facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia. Since its launch, it has raised over $3.1 million for research. In August, the TV program marked their ninth year.

At this year’s Laugh Your Face Off, Pat Tomasulo and his friends raise nearly $600,000 for a rare pain illness.

Pat Tomsulo and his pals nearly raised $600,000 this year [Source: Tomsulo’s Instagram]

The National Institutes of Health estimate that one in ten persons in the United States suffer from a rare disease, which translates to 25–30 million people.

Amy’s fundraiser event program aims to help millions of people escape the pain.