5 Quick Facts About Rico Bosco Alongside His Salary And Wife

Last Updated : November 25, 2023

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Rico Bosco is a well-known sports journalist who specializes in commentary and analysis. He contributes to Barstool Sports, focusing on local sports news from the United States, primarily New York City.

Bosco’s essays frequently display his passionate and outspoken manner, offering fresh takes on numerous sporting events and personalities.

Furthermore, he is also the number one caller on terrestrial and satellite radio and co-host of Barstool Pick Em and Barstool Bench Mob.

Was About To Do Content for Audacy’s BetQL

Netizens were curious about Risco Bowco’s new job after leaving Barstool Sports. He was about to join Audacy’s BetQL after he left the job.

But things got different, and he remained with the Barstool sports and didn’t join Audacy, the parent company of WFAN. The dramatic announcement was announced on Barstool’s Pick ‘Em show eight days after Bosco’s initial departure.

As per the timeline presented by Barstool Head Dave, six days after he left, Bosco began efforting to stay there in what he called self-reflection.

Rico Bosco was about to accept a multi-year contract to provide content for BetQL [Source: Bosco’s Instagram]

He was about to accept a multi-year contract to provide content for BetQL, Audacy’s sports betting vertical. But that was no longer the case.

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Reportedly Has a Six-Figure Salary

Rico Bosco has a massive salary from his contract with Barstool. It is reported he has received $307,584 from his contract with the company.

As a result, numerous internet users discussed his salary on Reddit. According to some users, it is the amount after taxes. At the same time, some claimed that he worked three days a week and earned $300,000 or more yearly.

Nevertheless, netizens believed that he was worth every penny.

Big Cat also commented about his compensation in response to Dave Portnoy’s contract negotiation with Rico Bosco, noting that he just offered to self-fund Rico’s dream salary.

Is a Married Man

Terrence is a private individual who dislikes disclosing personal information to the public or the media. During interviews, he frequently attempts to avoid queries about his family.

However, Rico revealed in a 2018 interview with Barstool Radio that he was married. One year later, he shared a video penning in the caption, “1 year married.”

Since then, he has tweeted mentioning his wife multiple times but never shared her details on social media. He constantly jokes about his spouse but has not revealed her face.

In May 2021, he said his wife had summoned him to buy a couch. Then, he asserted that his decision would be made after.

Career Before Joining Barstool

Rico Bosco was born in Staten Island, New York. Bosco was a regular character in Barstool Sports and is referred to as the company’s “resident gambling expert.”

He has previously appeared on college football gambling podcasts weekly with characters Big Cat and El Presidente.

Nonetheless, he was a firefighter before joining Barstool Sports. Furthermore, netizens claimed he was a D3 athlete who used to officiate in the NYC area.

Real Bosco worked as a firefighter before joining Barstool Sports [Source: Bosco’s Instagram]

Moreover, netizens also said that his real name is Terry Mayrose. However, it’s not confirmed whether it is his actual name.

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Never Mixes Family With Work

The sports journalist never mixes family with work. He always takes time from his job and spends it with his family. In addition, in his social media bio, he mentioned that some things, such as love, home, and family, are bigger than sports.

In June 2021, he tweeted, “Never really mix the worlds, but happy 36th anniversary to my parents. A great example of loving each other through thick and thin and raising a family built on love, togetherness, and devotion to each other.”

Furthermore, he stated that the long, the hassle, and the traffic are always worth it when he gets to see family and share a laugh, memories, and others.