Businessman Robby Layton: Team, Net Worth, Wife & Kids

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Layton Autobody and Paint Owner Robby Layton [Photo: Instagram/robby_layton]

Robby Layton is the dynamic proprietor of Layton Audobody in Ephraim, Utah. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge and skills with viewers via educational videos.

He and his team have covered everything if you own a car, like complete restoration, repairs of the body, and paints. In addition, he also designed and built custom automobiles. Plus, he shared a video of an epic off-road adventure with their custom vehicles.

Meet His Team

Robby Layton employed many people in his company who worked as a team, from repairing to painting the cars.

He also made a video in January 2022, where he showed the equipment that they use and introduced all his team members. They all have a good relationship, and he has a nickname for each of them, except for a few.

At first, he introduced his wife, Demri, who worked as a shop secretary. Then he headed to the body shop, where he brought all the wrecked vehicles.

There, he introduced two members, Hillbilly and Dinner. But it was their nickname, whereas their real name is Robbie and Tyler, respectively.

They also shared the backstory of how he set their nickname. Robbie got it because he looked like a hillbilly.

Robby Layton Nation’s previous team [Source: Layton’s Instagram]

Tyler was a lot bigger when he joined, and Layton was reminded of a person they knew was a big dinner, and the name just stuck.

Later, he met up with Chris, who had been working there for six months as a body man. Following that, he met up with Cody, who has 25 years of experience in the field. In the paint shop, he has kept the guy named Taylor, who has six years of experience.

But now, Dinner has left the company. So, netizens wanted to know why he left. Some people, though, asserted that he might have relocated to Northern Utah to be with his fiancee.

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Robby Layton’s Net Worth and Earnings

Robby Layton has multiple sources of earning. However, his primary source of income is his company, Robby Layton Nation.

Apart from that, he also has a YouTube channel, where he has 385K subscribers. He frequently uploads videos that receive a good number of views. Moreover, some of the videos also got millions of views.

According to Social Blade, Layton’s monthly earnings range from $776 to $12.4K. Furthermore, his yearly earnings are between $9.3K and $149K.

In addition, he also has an online store where he sells hats, t-shirts, and accessories, which helps him to add an extra amount of money.

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Layton Is a Family Man

Layton married his beautiful wife, Demeri, on May 27, 2017. The charming couple has been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Adlee Kay Layon.

They welcomed their baby on June 13, 2018. Adlee weighed 6lbs, 150z, and was 21 inches long at birth. He announced the fantastic news on Instagram with beautiful images of her.

In May of this year, the couple celebrated their sixth anniversary. The couple got engaged on January 29, 2017, just five months before their wedding.

Layton and Demeri’s relationship has gotten better and better over the years. They have gone on several vacations several times, spending quality time together.

He never fails to wish his better half a happy birthday. For instance, in 2020, he wowed his spouse on her birthday and thanked her for being such a great wife and mother. He continued saying she was the most caring, loving, and supportive woman he ever met.

Moreover, he also has two boys from his former relationship, Braedon and Ryker. Ryker was born in 2012, while Braedon was born in 2010. He frequently shares short videos and pictures of his boys.

Robby Layton with his wife and children [Source: Layton’s Facebook]

However, his previous partner remains unknown. But there is a Twitter user, Jessica Layton, who has uploaded a profile picture with Layton where they were holding a baby.

Additionally, she stated on her bio that she, Robby, and B resided in Manti Robby. Could she be Layton’s former wife?

Nevertheless, it remains unknown since he hasn’t disclosed his past relationship.