Sara Sidner’s Husband Wants Her To Thrive

Last Updated : December 1, 2023

Sara Sidner

Netizens may not know, but the famous journalist Sara Sidner is married and has a husband. Furthermore, she never fails to show gratitude toward him whenever possible.

Once, she also made a Twitter reply and penned, “Done and done. My eyes are ONLY for my husband.” Here are the details of her marital life you need to uncover.

Thanked Her Husband For Beyonce Ticket

It seems like Sara Sidner has a loving beau and is happy to find him. Likewise, she mentioned her significant other asks for nothing and only wants her to thrive.

Also, Sidner’s better half bought her a ticket to see Beyonce, and she didn’t have enough words to thank him truly, which she shared on Twitter. Many congratulated her for having that kind of partner in the comments.

Sara Sidner tweeted about her husband. [Photo: Twitter]

One of the users commented, “Tell him that you love and appreciate him.” Some users encouraged them to take him to the Beyonce concert with her and said there’s literally no better gift.

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Truth About Her Wedding And Husband

It is known that Sara Sidner is married and shares a blissful marital life. However, she has likely opted to keep her personal details under wrap away from the prying public eyes.

Sidner has a surprising story about her wedding with her spouse after she said yes to getting married. The reporter planned the ceremony while she was in the then-war-torn Zintan city of Libya.

Sara Sidner enjoys a prosperous marital life. [Photo: Sara Sidner’s Instagram]

During her interview with TVNewser, Sidner also said that her other half told her, “Seriously, you had better make it to your own wedding!” She further cited he wasn’t kidding, and Sidner also worried she might not make it.

Sidner also said it’s hard to tell someone if one can’t make it to a wedding, birthday, or your own anniversary, or sometimes a funeral. She reasoned you may be covering a conflict that you physically can’t leave at the time.

Nonetheless, the journalist indeed loves her partner but prioritizes self-love first. She noted in one of her tweets that a husband or partner is a wonderful addition to your life, but we must love ourselves first.

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Has Immense Love For Her Husband

Sara Sidner loves her better half very much, and she has spoken about it on social media & and in interviews, too. As you all know, she is a foreign correspondent and covers news, risking her life to report the scenario.

While speaking with Center For Conversation, she mentioned her beau in that conversation session with Sabina Ghebremedhin. Sidner always tells her beau how much she loves him with her entire heart.

Sara Sidner during one of her interviews. [Photo: YouTube/Center For Communication]

She tells this kind of stuff whenever she goes to a conflict or war zone and won’t return home. Sidner also conveys he shouldn’t forget she lived the life she wanted and encourages him not to be sad for too long.

Moreover, some sites have mentioned Robert O’Brien and Attorney Michael Block of Los Angeles as her husband. However, it is not confirmed due to the lack of concrete information.

Plus, Sidner hasn’t shared a single picture of the couple on her social media accounts. She possibly respects his privacy or would love to keep her romantic life aside.

Hopefully, Sidner shares a successful marital journey with her husband, like her successful career. She seems to be a caring and loving partner, although the gorgeous lady shares minimal information about her beau.