Seven Craft Is Already Over Her Baby Daddy?

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

Model and TV personality Seven Craft [Photo: Instagram/lovelyseven]

Seven Craft’s baby daddy Taliban previously appeared frequently in her YouTube videos. However, the two had been separated for quite some time.

It appears now that she is already over him.

She Feels Sorry for Her Baby Daddy

The social media influencer felt sorry for her baby daddy because this was a hard transition for him, realizing he would never belong to her. She further stated that their relationship was never going to work now.

Therefore, he had to go through emotions that she had already gone through. Nevertheless, she never felt that she needed to get away from him.

But she had the impression that he would ultimately get over her. Craft had time to get over him because she no longer saw him romantically.

Seven Craft felt sorry for her baby daddy [Source: YouTube/Seven Craft]

She discovered he was cheating on her while she was three months pregnant. He denied cheating when she accused him. But she had proof sent to her by the female he was dating.

So she punched him in the eyes to wake him up and showed him the messages from his discussion. She then entered the kitchen and grabbed the knife. She charged after him with it.

Fortunately, he had a couch cushion because the couch had six more holes in it in addition to the two she stabbed him. The couple is no longer together, and she is now raising her son.

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The Former Couple’s Son Is Already Four

Seven Craft welcomed a baby with her ex-partner, Taliban, in August 2019. She shared the heartwarming news by sharing her newborn baby boy on Instagram.

In addition, she revealed his name, Syx Sahmir. Then, in the comments section, netizens began congratulating her on her new life.

She was also excited to begin a new chapter in her life because her previous chapters had been long and full of ups and downs. Craft acknowledged making numerous mistakes, breaking down, and restarting over 1000 times.

Seven Craft wished Happy Birthday to her son [Source: Instagram]

But her new life and a new perspective on love have been her favorite chapters thus far. She has been enjoying her life with her son. This year, in August, her son turned four years old.

She enjoys spending time with her little boy and frequently posts intimate photos on her social media account.

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Is Seven Craft Dating Anyone Currently?

There was a rumor on the internet that the social media influencer was dating DDG because of the video of her with him. Netizens believed that she liked him. But she didn’t even feel like she was being that flirty in that video.

Nevertheless, the speculation is false as he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Halle Bailey.

When the rumors began, folks asked her if she met his girlfriend or not. She said, “Why would she want to meet me when this narrative is being pushed so hard I would be surprised if she ever wants to meet me.”

Furthermore, they tagged her and his girlfriend on TikTok, saying she definitely had a physical relationship with him.

Seven Craft clears the rumors surrounding the internet of her relationship with DDG [Source: Craf’ts Instagram]

Craft clarified through the video that she wasn’t dating him, and they had a completely friendly relationship.

In addition, she has always opened up about her relationship. She also used to be friends with her exes.

Giving an example, she professed, “Jill’s brother will, for example, I dated him for a year, we were best friends for years, and we ended up dating right after high school.”

They dated for five years and broke up. She still has a good relationship with her first boyfriend, Brian. Nonetheless, she celebrated Valentine’s Day but has not revealed who she was with that day.