Surthany Hejeij’s Lifestyle Alongside Her Husband and Net Worth

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Lebanese TikToker Surthany Hejeij with her husband Hassan Cheaito [Photo: Instagram/surthycooks]

Surthany Hejeij is a famous TikToker, Social Media Star, and YouTuber known for her flashy and large-scale cooking. She is a girl with a big heart, as she has donated quality food to the needy.

She enjoys her luxurious family life, and besides cooking and donating, there is something else she loves.

Hejeij Loves Travelling With Her Husband

Surthany Hejeij is enjoying her married life with her beloved husband, Hassan Cheaito. She uploaded her first possible wedding photo with her man in 2014.

After a few years, the lovely couple went to Grape Beaches in Venezuela to celebrate their third anniversary during the month of August.

They have also gone to Bali, Indonesia, and different places over the years. Moreover, the lovebirds celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2019.

Hejeij luxuriously travels with her husband. [Photo: Hejeij’s Instagram]

Besides traveling, Hejeij announced her man’s 30th birthday on her Instagram. In a post, she shared a picture of a cake along with drinks, burgers, and balloons. Moreover, her husband helped Hejeij dress up for the TikTok awards during his 38th birthday.

They both attended the event, and she was honored with an award that night. Overall, she enjoys her married life with the 38-year-old while embracing her journey as a mother and growing social media star.

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Hejeij Is Raising Her Two Beautiful Children

Surthany Hejeij and her husband were blessed with a child on February 28, 2016. She shared a picture of herself and her beloved man affectionately embracing their adorable daughter.

After a few years, she revealed the name of her sweet daughter in an Instagram post, saying, “In my try to have curly hair like shy.”

Her angel is named Shy and is currently seven years old, but she isn’t the only child of them. In February 2020, Hejeij, on one of her Instagram posts, captioned that she didn’t fit in her pants anymore and was 17 weeks pregnant.

They were blessed with a son. The TikToker celebrated her baby boy Hadi’s second birthday with her family in September, and he is currently three years old.

Furthermore, she affectionately refers to her children as the two mini pandas. Like her, her partner also shares quality time with their babies.

All in all, he stocial media star also loves traveling and spending time in luxury with her family.

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Surthany Hejeij’s Considerable Net Worth

Hejeij has become a popular figure in social media and has gained a massive fan following on various platforms. As per Social Blade, her estimated monthly earnings from her YouTube channel are around $48K to $768.3K.

Plus, her estimated yearly earnings are even higher, ranging between $576.2K and $9.2 million. Furthermore, she has more than 9.26 million subscribers on YouTube and has received over 3.1 billion views.

Hejeij donated the packed food she cooked. [Photo: Heijei’s YouTube/Channel]

Besides YouTube, she has a massive following on TikTok, with over 288.4 Million followers and 734.1 Million likes. The 31-year-old has a generous heart as she has donated foods she cooks to the people.

Furthermore, she has also collaborated with Oxford Group, which leads in the importation and distribution of foods and household products. Heijei thanked the group for donating 50 bags of food to the Cumanian community.

The 31-year-old cooking is loved by many as she blends Lebanese and Venezuelan cuisines. Nevertheless, she is doing a great job in the community while leading a luxurious life with her significant other.