Tara Setmayer’s Parents Are Divorced, And Her Mother Remarried

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Tara Setmayer

Tara Setmayer was born as the only child of her parents on September 9, 1975, in Queens. Her mom is a German-Italian mother, and her father is an Afro-Guatemalan.

Unfortunately, her parents are no longer together. Also, following the divorce, her mama found love again.

Her Mom Remarried After the Divorce

Setmayer’s mother, Deborah Setmayer-Maletic, tied the knot with another guy after her first marriage ended. The commentator occasionally shares her picture with her mom and stepdad, enjoying the precious time together.

In December 2021, she posted a picture of them on Instagram and mentioned that her mom and stepdad were the best. She has a good relationship with her stepfather and always celebrates special occasions like Christmas together.

Tara Setmayer wished her mom a Happy Mother’s Day In May 2020 [Source: Setmayer’s Twitter]

Furthermore, in 2019, Setmayer had a good day celebrating Independence Day with her mom and stepfather in Washinton, DC.

She loves to spend time with her awesome, wonderful, fantastic & marvelous momma. She said her mom is a never-ending song in her heart, one of comfort and happiness.

The commentator added that she was so grateful that God chose her to be Deborah’s daughter. They are best friends.

In addition, several websites have mentioned her mother’s name is Jacquelyn Setmayer. But that appears to be false.

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Setmayer’s Mother Raised Her As a Single Mom

Tara Setmayer was raised by her mother in Paramus, where her grandfather, Emil Setmayer, was a captain with the Paramus Police Department for 40 years.

But by the time she moved into the family property in Paramus, her ideals had shifted from star-studded to suburban.

Her mother is half-German and half-Italian, and her father is Hispanic. Her mom, Deborah, was a Broadway dancer who appeared in commercials, movie extra work, and the road tour of “Hair.”

Deborah had considered herself a liberal democrat until she recognized, in the middle of the 1980s, that her views were more in line with those of the old establishment.

Deborah had been on welfare, but that was a brief and not proud moment. Her mother taught her not to let the color of her skin or her gender define who she was.

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Her Biological Father’s Family Escaped During the Revolution

The commentator’s father was actually from Guatemala. Her father’s family escaped the revolution in the 1950s and came to New York City. So, she is more like Afro-Latino heritage.

Her grandfather, Emil Setmayer, is German. Her granddad began working for the Police Department in 1947 and spent the next 39 years protecting and assisting the community. He bravely fought in the Army during World War II before enlisting in the police department.

He had worked for the department for forty years and was a veteran of the Second World War. In addition, he oversaw Company 3 in the municipal fire service.

Tara Setmayer’s father’s family escaped the revolution in the 1950s and came to New York City [Source: Setmayer’s Instagram]

He participated in every Fourth of July parade from 1947 until he died in 2016. His funeral was held as a state function.

She had a very close relationship with him. He introduced her to the men and women of police enforcement.

Talking about her grandmother, she is English-Italian. Her grandfather’s position, as well as her exposure to these things as part of everyday blue-collar America, was very significant to her.