News Anchor Tashanea Whitlow: Age, Mom, Fox 5

Last Updated : November 19, 2023

Fox 5 Co-anchor Tashanea Whitlow [Photo: Instagram/twhitlow]

Tashanea Whitlow is a co-host of the Good Day Wakeup weekdays on Fox 5 New York. She formerly worked for the Black News Channel as a national dayside anchor for nearly two years.

Whitlow is a dedicated journalist personality who looks forward to learning and uncovering various events. She has covered events like the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Black and Brown communities.

Celebrates Her Birthday in February

Tashanea Whitlow rarely shares her age and birth details on social media. However, she uploaded something in February 2019, filled with a lovely caption, indicating her birthday falls that month.

In that post, she described feeling blessed and grateful for another year, plus enjoying the journey and the woman she was becoming. Following the post, fans showered her with birthday wishes and blessings.

Tashanea Whitlow during her birthday. [Photo: Facebook]

However, the newscaster’s age remains a mystery, and she has shown no sign of revealing it to the netizens. Whitlow is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, which is her hometown.

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Has Unfortunately Lost Her Mom

Tashanea Whitlow’s mother is no more in this world and has sadly passed away. She misses her mom and posts about her remembering on Mother’s Day occasions.

Whitlow feels the pain of motherless daughters and sons who feel a void that can never be replaced. Still, she encourages them not to focus on a loss and instead reminds them to focus on her legacy & the love she gave.

The picture of Tashanea Whitlow’s mother. [Photo: Tashanea Whitlow’s Facebook]

Whitlow’s mother was a victim of the severe and rare blood disorder Aplastic anemia. She notified fans by sharing a video of Ebony-Joy, who was the survivor of the same blood disorder, on Facebook.

The news personality occasionally posts about her sister on social media. Furthermore, she possibly respects her sister’s privacy as nothing is discovered in the public domain.

Whitlow has balanced her work and family life, sparing some time to spend with her family. Likewise, she once uploaded a picture of enjoying time with her grandfather and brother.

In conclusion, the beautiful lady has a happy family and loves spending time with them. Yet, she keeps their profile low-key, away from the public’s prying eyes.

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Started Her Anchoring Career in Western Massachusetts

Tashanea Whitlow completed her college-level education at Roxbury Community College in 2012. After college, she attended Emerson College in Boston, completing her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2015.

Whitlow started her career as an executive producer at WEBN TV in 2014. She used to set up, coordinate, and conduct interviews with guests on relevant topics while also producing and monitoring the show’s flow.

The gorgeous lady entered into anchoring by working at WWLP – 22News in Western Massachusetts. She worked there as a weekend anchor and TV reporter from June 2015 to December 2018.

One of her career highlights is flying with the iconic Geico Skytypers, who flew in World War II-era planes. She had the privilege to fly with them, holding a camera and gathering an unforgettable experience.

Moving forward, the journalist joined Fox 5 NY as an AM anchor in June 2022. As noted earlier, she previously worked for Black News Channel as a news anchor from 2020 to 2022 before transitioning to Fox.

Tashanea Whitlow at the set of Fox 5 NY. [Photo: Tashanea Whitlow’s Facebook]

During her journalism career, she has covered life-risking events like the Coronavirus pandemic. Whitlow also covered the news regarding the riots after the death of George Floyd.

The news anchor has interviewed personalities from Rick Ross to Dr. Fauci. She was also the announcer for the 123rd Boston Marathon, having the honor of motivating thousands of world-class runners.