Tim Dillon Came Out As a Gay at the Age of 25

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon is a multi-talented personality who is an American comedian, podcaster, and actor. His comedy video has garnered a massive number of views, which has made people question his personal details.

Moreover, Dillon’s sexuality is also questioned broadly. Here is the truth and every detail you seek for.

He First Felt He Was Gay When He Was in His Early Teens

As mentioned earlier, Tim Dillion came out at the age of twenty-five. However, he felt gay at the age of 11 or 12 while he watched Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement.

Throughout junior high and high school, Dillon was getting it or felt the gay vibes. Yet, he still thought it was something that the comedian might be able to alter or change in a later phase.

Dillion has also stated that he tried dating girls to become straight. He also made love with them and took them out to dinner, but despite all of this, it didn’t work out for him.

Tim Dillon came out gay at twenty-five. [Photo: Tim Dillon’s Instagram]

Moving forward, the first guy Dillon dated was a firefighter settled in Brooklyn who was his age. While they were dating, the firefighter said he wasn’t gay, and he also felt reassured finding he was not gay either.

Furthermore, when Dillon came out, his family’s reactions were memorable. His mother reacted by saying she wanted grandchildren, which he found nice of her.

Overall, the actor’s coming out as gay consists of various stories on how he finds his true self at last.

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He Was Married in Vegas

Tim Dillon had his marriage in Vegas, which he once publicly announced. The handsome hunk married a girl, and this took place while he was in 12th grade.

However, it was not a legal marriage, as they never filled out the paperwork. In addition, it was never a serious one, and Dillion cited it as just fun.

Dillion has dated several people but hasn’t had a long-term relationship with anyone. Likewise, the longest he dated someone on and off was likely four months.

Tim Dillon Is the Person Lex Fridman Would Get Married To

Tim Dillon and Lex Fridman often exchange tweets on their social handles. Fridman once tweeted, “.@TimJDillon asked me to get married. I said yes.”

Lex Fridman tweeted about Tim Dillon. [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, in response to the tweet, Dillon announced their wedding on 6th Street in Austin. Also, Andrew Huberman congratulated on his marriage with Dillon on Fridman’s podcast.

Fridman also cited that if there were anyone he would like to marry, it was Dillion. If they ever got married, the podcast host described their marriage as a wedding from November rain.

Furthermore, Dillon once shared a lovely moment with Fridman on his podcast. He asked to read a poem for him and stated it made him think of Dillon & the latter also reads a poem for Fridman.

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He Has Joked About His Girlfriend on Twitter

Tim Dillon is humorous and doesn’t miss joking about his girlfriend and related topics. He once shared a post featuring Anna Khachiyan and captioned it, “Just got married. Homosexuality was a phase.”

In addition, Dillon once included the comedian Ryan Long in one of his jokes about his girlfriend. He said those not following Ryan should correct it urgently and also noted his girlfriend loved him more than him.

Tim Dillon shared a tweet on Ryan Long. [Photo: Twitter]

The actor also made comments about his ex-girlfriend. He penned, “Ex girlfriend said there’s too much gay material in my act. In fairness, she felt that way when I wasn’t doing stand up.”

In conclusion, Dillon doesn’t hesitate to make witty comments regarding his love life. He has shared multiple posts that mention his partner sharing with his fans usually.