Sadly, Tim Dillon’s Mother Has Passed Away

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Tim Dillon and his Mother

Tim Dillon was close to his mom and often made jokes about her. He once jokingly tweeted, “I have suggested the doctors continue to vaccinate my mother until she is no more.”

Unfortunately, the mom he used to joke about and mention frequently on his social media handle is no longer.

Dillon’s Mother, Patricia Ryan, Died in August 2023

Tim Dillon’s mom, Patricia Ryan Dillon, sadly passed away on August 13, 2023, at the age of seventy-one. Netizens can also plant a memorial or Tribute tree in memory of her.

After her demise, the visitation was held in Christopher T. Jordan Funeral Home on September 1, 2023. Similarly, the mass was held at Sacred Heart R.C. Church, and inurnment was held at Holy Cross the day after the visitation.

Furthermore, the online memory and photo-sharing event occurred where family and friends came online to create a special keepsake. Every memory left on the online obituary is available in the tribute book.

Finally, the final resting place of Dillon’s mum took place in Holy Cross Cemetery. It was a significant loss for him and his family members to lose such a joyful and loving personality.

Tim Dillon with his mother at an early age. [Photo: Tim Dillon’s Twitter]

The comedian and his family expressed that her kindness, strength, and beautiful spirit remain unhinged. The memories they shared with her will always stay in their hearts forever.

In addition, one of the people mentioned that Patricia was a caring, generous person, ready to share and help others. She shared that the beautiful lady was a loved sister by her amazing friend, Donna.

Many also took to Reddit to discuss the demise of his mama. One of the users wrote, “RIP to her and good luck and condolences to Tim.”

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Dillon Still Has Got The Same Wicked Sense of Humor

As noted earlier, Tim Dillon used to joke about his mum on social media and often made witty comments. Nevertheless, he still has that humor and never misses to surprise or make his fans laugh.

Furthermore, he also made humorous content from his mother’s paintings by stating to sell them and also called an art dealer. He also planned to do a gallery show in New York before he sold them.

Tim Dillon about his mom’s paintings. [Photo: Instagram]

The comedian once uploaded a YouTube video and thumbnailed, “Tim Dillon Freestyles At His Mother’s Funeral.” In the video, he freestyled on a beat, mentioning his mom and what she was like.

In one of his Tim Dillon Show episodes, Dillon cited one bizarre incident at his mom’s funeral. He noted that one of the guys named Jimmy came to him and said he once dated his mom during the funeral.

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His Parents Were Not Together

Tim Dillon’s mother and his father were married for over ten years. Likewise, they married on the beach while the groom wore a blue tuxedo and the bride had a puka shell necklace.

Before getting married, Patricia worked as a mermaid in Florida while his father was a musician. Unfortunately, they got divorced, and Dillon’s dad lives with his other wife.

Tim Dillon’s mother, Patricia Ryan Dillon. [Photo: Tim Dillon’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Dillon has also published a book titled Death by Boomers. It is a hilarious autobiographical account of his life in which he describes being raised by his parents.

Moreover, Dillon has a stepmother, but her name remains unknown currently. She once requested him to make a video as her mom was turning eighty during that time.