If It Were Not For Van Lathan’s Girlfriend, He’d Be Lost

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

Host and Producer Van Lathan [Photo: Facebook/vladtv]

Van Lathan is in a relationship with his stunning girlfriend, Khalika Abrams. They have a loving relationship and have been together for several years.

She frequently shares pictures with him on her Instagram account. Furthermore, she also never forgets to wish him a happy birthday.

His Girlfriend Was Beside Him During Some of His Tough Times

Khalika Abrams, Lathan’s partner, has always been by his side and guided him through difficult times. He always thanked his girlfriend for her support.

He stated in his 2020 tweet that he would be completely lost if it weren’t for her. The illness in his mind was winning big time.

The producer professed, “I’m trying to take it one possession at a time, but I can’t stop turning the ball over. No sleep, no peace, and no joy. I’m thanking God for the sun and for the grace.”

Van Lathan’s girlfriend helped him in his tough times [Source: Lathan’s Instagram]

His partner Khalika comes to his assistance during the most challenging times. She helped him out of all of this.

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Lathan Is Close With His Partner’s Mother

Van Lathan has a close relationship with his lover’s mother. On 2022’s Mother’s Day, Abrams shared a picture of her beau and her mom enjoying their time together.

He was seen in the photo embracing Chrystal Ellis, his girlfriend’s mother, and they looked happy to meet each other.

Abrams’s mother holds certifications in Usui Reiki Mastery, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, MA of Science in Gen Psychology, MA of Science in Leadership, and Crystal Healing. In addition, she is also a life coach.

Van Lathan has a close-knit relationship with his girlfriend’s mother [Source: Abrams’ Instagram]

Her mother was a singer, dancer, and actress. She left home in her early 20s to pursue her dream of performing on Broadway.

Due to her hard work, she accomplished that, kept a roster of nightclub gigs and studio work, and arranged music for artists such as Aretha Franklin.

Khalika Abrams Is a Talented Stylist

Khalika Abrams is the founder of KurateD LA, a personal branding and styling company, and former Creative Director at A’GACI. She is originally from New York and has lived in Los Angeles for 15 years.

She has several years of experience in the field and worked for several businesses before starting her own.

Abrams started her career in August 2022 by joining Burberry Limited as a Regional Visual Merchandising Manager.

Khalika Abrams is a founder of KurateD LA, a personal branding and styling company [Source: Abrams’ Instagram]

She worked there for three years and went to Wet Seal. She worked there as a Senior Field Visual Manager and trainer. Abram served three years there. In 2008, she joined A’gaci, Llc as Creative Director. She now owns her own company.

Talking about her education, she graduated from American Intercontinental University with a degree in fashion marketing and design.

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Confusion about their marriage

Van Lathan and his beautiful girlfriend Khalika Abrams began dating in 2008. The two have been together for a very long period. The couple has spent precious time together and constantly shared images of them all the time.

Therefore, there is confusion among the netizens about whether the couple is already married or not. So, folks took the topic on Reddit and started to discuss it.

However, everyone has no idea if they tied the knot or not. But most people believed they weren’t married yet since the pair had never discussed their wedding.

She has continuously posted pictures with him but never shared an image of their wedding or mentioned their marriage. It appears like they haven’t exchanged vows at all. Nevertheless, they have been having a good time together.