Voddie Baucham’s Wife Is The Girl Of His Dreams

Last Updated : November 28, 2023


Voddie Baucham shares a happy married life with his wife, Bridget. He recalls her as the bedrock of a family that would overcome generations of brokenness to lay a new foundation and direction for generations to come.

Moreover, Baucham treasures their marriage as his life’s most important and memorable day.

Happily Married for Over Thirty Years by Now

Voddie Baucham and his wife, Bridget, share a long-standing marital journey. Likewise, they have been married for over three decades since walking down the aisle in June 1989.

After completing his sophomore year at Rice University, Baucham married Bridget at 20. He describes his spouse as the girl of his dreams and the best friend he would ever have.

Both are a loving couple who never miss cherishing their journey. They even went to Livingstone for their 28th wedding anniversary and took the Royal Livingstone Dinner Train, enjoying scenic Victoria Falls.

Voddie Baucham and his wife at Livingstone. [Photo: Voddie Baucham’s Instagram]

They might have grown older, but their passionate love for each other is still there. They often enjoy going on date nights, and he updates fans about it on his social handle.

Moreover, Baucham is a caring husband and gives her a break whenever she is having a rough time. He has named the break Mommy Gateway, where she can catch up with her friends and enjoy some me time.

Overall, the loving birds share their blissful marital life without any hindrances. They have a great relationship and continue to love each other.

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Parenting Nine Children With His Wife

Voddie Baucham and his spouse have further strengthened their marital life by being the parents of nine kids. Furthermore, two of their kids are biological, while the other seven are adopted.

The first kid adopted by them is always unforgettable, as it was an unwanted child from a drug-addicted victim of rape. The woman gave birth to the newborn and made an adoption plan for her child.

The lady placed the child with an agency for adoption, and it was that time when the Baucham duo adopted that newborn from the agency. In no time, the impact of that first adoption soon led to six more.

Voddie Baucham with his kids. [Photo: Voddie Baucham’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Baucham is a loving father who cares for their kids whenever Bridget is not at home. He piles up with them in the bed and watches at least one movie.

Similarly, the handsome hunk also handles the kitchen, cooking dinner every night whenever his wife is not home. Nonetheless, Baucham and his partner share a big, happy family.

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Homeschools Their Kids

Voddie Baucham and his wife are committed home educators. His better half homeschooled them and had seven of nine children still at home in 2017, which was stressful.

Furthermore, they devote Friday to the arts and dance, where their children craft creative things and do extra activities. Their kids also work on their music every day & encourage them to be well-rounded.

Voddie Baucham and his partner homeschool their children. [Photo: Voddie Baucham’s Instagram]

In addition, Baucham kept his kids active during the COVID quarantine period. He did the Family Tabata exercise regime, where they performed various exercises like bench taps, jumping jacks, sprints, & many more.

The schools were shut down during the Covid pandemic shutdown, but it was no problem for them as they continued their homeschooling. They also enjoyed their time doing some music sessions during that time.

Overall, they have justified the term parents are their kid’s first teacher by all means. In conclusion, he leads a successful marital and parental life with support from his partner.