Wendy Burch’s Son Is in Third Grade

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

KTLA Wendy Burch with her son Brady Bruch [Photo: Facebook/WakeUpWithWendy]

Wendy Burch has kept her personal life under wraps. It is not that common that she shares about her partner or romantic endeavors.

Nevertheless, she never fails to share about her son, who seems to be having a great time growing up.

Proud Mother as Her Kid Starts Third Grade

Burch has been blessed with a son, Brady Bruch. He is a cool kid and is studying in third grade. He started his first grade in 2021 and has come a long way.

The little one is a Westwood Charter Elementary School student in Los Angeles, California. Brady is a cool California kid who is living the dream. The little guy likes Fortnite and Chocolate Milk.

After finishing his first grade, he started his second grade in August 2022. While sharing about the milestone on his Instagram account, he said he liked to be first, but that year, he was cool being second.

Bruch is a proud mother of her kid, currently studying in third grade. [Photo: Burch’s Instagram]

When his second grade finished, his mama shared a picture of her and Brady with her audience and captioned, “Look who survived 2nd grade.”

Similarly, he is currently in the third grade, starting in August 2023. So far, he seems to be enjoying his school life.

Further, his mom is proud of him and says he is head and shoulder above his classmates. People in the comments were surprised by his growth and congratulated him for his achievements.

Moreover, besides sharing his milestones, the third grader also uploads other moments of his life on his Instagram.

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Welcomed Her Son After an Open and Honest War on Infertility

Pregnancy isn’t the same for everyone, but for Burch, it was one of the most challenging things to achieve. The reporter had to go through a five-year journey to give a child.

At first, she wanted to have a child naturally, but as time went on, she turned to traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) without success.

Moreover, she had even opted to freeze her eggs for future use but didn’t do so because of lower success rates at the time. Eventually, she met her baby daddy at forty and tried multiple times to conceive.

However, they weren’t successful. Then, the reporter decided to use a donor egg as a last resort. She bought a set of six frozen eggs for $10K.

After that, only one of the seven fertilized eggs resulted in a successful pregnancy. She announced the good news on her Facebook page and said that she was forty-five and pregnant, plus revealed it was a baby boy.

However, there was bad news, too. Shortly after the reporter’s pregnancy, she and her partner broke up. Her son came into this world on January 12, 2015.

He was eight pounds, eight ounces, and twenty-one inches long at birth. She is raising her son alone and has served as an example of a powerful lady.

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She Was Previously Engaged to Her Partner

Burch didn’t lose faith, and she kept on dating/working. She finally met Brady’s father after she turned forty years old.

The reporter described her former partner as a handsome, tall guy. However, he was already a father but was open to having more children.

Her former lover, Bruce Taylor, AKA James, is described as a man with movie-star looks and has stood at six feet five inches. However, he had a concealed criminal background and has been incarcerated with a history of fraud.

Taylor was convicted of bank fraud in Texas in 1999 and threatened to kidnap, kill, or injure. Moreover, her former fiance had also served his time in federal prison and was released in 2018.

Burch is currently raising her son as a single mother. [Photo: Instagram]

Further, Bruch and her ex-lover were accused of working together to execute fraudulent activities. Both of them were sued by a woman who claimed that they scammed her swindling $150,000.

However, the reporter has denied such involvement in fraudulent activities. Shortly after her pregnancy, she split up with Taylor and raised her kid alone.

Nevertheless, she has been blessed with a great son and is enjoying her time as a mother.